Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Buddies from Birth

Today Lydia visited Kaylie, her closest friend--well, her only friend so far. :) They were born exactly 7 days apart and Shanda (Kaylie's mom) and I just love, love, love getting them together and taking some pictures. Despite Lydia being in an extremely skiddish mood that day, we were able to get some cute photos of them playing together. Thanks Shanda for sending me these cute, cute, cute pics of our girls!

Kaylie was SO super sweet. She just loved on Lydia, giving her hugs and sharing her toys with her.

Aren't they just adorable???

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Kayile's Mommy said...

Lydia being so skiddish just means that we need to get them together more often! Kaylie still talks about Lydia and her Dora shirt. She says Lydia so cute. It was great getting to see you and Lydia too, I miss talking to you! Now we need to be getting Elon and Elysa (how good does that sound?)together so they can start dating!