Sunday, March 16, 2008

Highlights in Sports

Friday was so nice outside. We took the kids out to play in the most awesome weather and HAD to share some of the funniest pictures with you! In these pictures, Dylan (after begging to play football with daddy) is running FROM the football! I was laughing so hard. He was having a blast, even though he NEVER caught the ball--not even once!And Bryan decided to get a little "batting practice" in. Problem was...we did not have a bat! But that did not stop him. Here are pics of Bryan hitting the ball using his arm as a bat. As funny as it is--he decided to do this on his own which shows great judgement in improvising! :-) He's just so determined...And Lydia showed Dylan that if he ever DID catch the football, he could score a touchdown and then do the following dance in the end zone...And once again...sweet Elysa was just enjoying being outside. She'll be up and moving soon enough! But in the meantime, here is a picture of her just being my sweet baby.
This has been your Friday night sports highlights--brought to you by the Godsey's. Have a great week!

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Kaylie's Mommy said...

How absolutely adorable. Never a dull moment in the Godsey house, that's for sure!