Thursday, March 27, 2008

Groundskeeping With Grandpa

Yesterday, Dylan and Grandpa did a little groundskeeping at Grandmommy and Grandpa's house. But don't think that Grandpa got off with cheap labor. This hired hand has a high asking price--candy (and lots of it), juice and yogos. When you add it all up, they may actually spend more for this handy helper than they would for a contract yardman. However, he does offer some perks such as climbing INTO the trash can to mash down the leaves. I know that no matter how much I pay my yard man, he just won't do that! And one more thing, he's the cutest helper I've ever seen. And that makes it all worth it!

Kinda reminds you of 'Oscar the Grouch', no? Except he's smiling too much--Oscar never smiled

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love these blog entries... said...

What a great help Dylan is! I don't know of any yard men that would get in a trash can and mash leaves like that. How funny that your dad would even think to put him in there, should we be worried? I am a social worker.... Payment is a lot more fun when it is candy though; although I am surprised that Dylan didn't actually ask for money. I do remember being tricked out of some money by him!