Saturday, March 1, 2008

Just Kickin' It...

Today, Dylan participated in his first ever taekwondo tournament. He was one of nine participants in his age group/rank. While he did not place in either of the categories (pattern category or drill category), he did an outstanding job and we could not have been more proud of his performance. You can see below the photos of our little Jackie Chan in action!

Dylan shows off how he knows his one-step drills.

Just before the one-step drills.
Doesn't he look like he has been doing this for years!

And he shows the judges his well-practiced song-song pattern. (Side kick going into a right knife-hand strike).

To Dylan I want to say again, "Congratulations, sweetheart, you did a WONDERFUL job today. You have made me proud once again!"


Anonymous said...

We are also very proud of you, just because you're you. Love, Grandpa & Grandmommy

Anonymous said...

Wow Dylan,

The pictures were great. I know you did a good job. Hope you will be competing closer to home so we can all come.

We love you,

Grandmama & Grandaddy Tom