Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mr. Sexy Legs

Sorry Thomas, but I had to do this.

These are pictures of my brother. Somehow (and I can't imagine how it could have happened), he got signed up for the "Mr. Sexy Legs" contest when he was on a cruise a couple of weeks ago. He went with several other family members and friends and I can't imagine that any of them signing him up... :o). Nonetheless, being the good sport he is, he went ahead and played along and came in SECOND, (I think). And, of course, I have pictures! (thanks mom--he'll love you for this!)

here we have all of the contestants (Uncle Thomas is on the far right)and here is our second place winner...way to go Uncle T. You should consider getting those sexy legs insured! :) Love you!

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Shanda said...

He definitely will not be happy with you, that's for sure! Or your mom for sharing these.