Monday, March 17, 2008

Seeing Green

Today, Dylan received his testing results. And as we expected, Dylan was promoted to "Green Belt". This means that he is now officially able to spar. And for our local fans, save the date--April 26th--Dylan will be participating in his next tournament right here in Memphis on that day. More info to come as the time gets closer (location, time, cost, etc.) But for now, here are some pics of Dylan with his new belt (just in time for St. Patty's day!)

So proud!

And what better than to end today's post with another great "Bryanism"...

Bryanism of the day: Today, I took the boys with me to get my eyebrows done. While I was in the chair with my eyes closed, I heard Bryan call out, "Mommy, something smells like poop!" (Yes, he said poop) Being at a one sense disadvantage (with my eyes closed) I could not imagine why I heard so many people laughing at his comment. But then the girl who was waxing my brows explained to him (after she caught her breath from laughing) that it was not poop he was smelling, but instead it was the perm that the lady NEXT TO ME was having washed out of her hair! Thank goodness she had a lovely sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Shanda Noe said...

Great Job for Dylan getting the green belt. He seems to be doing so well!
Bryan is hilarious! Thank goodness for senses of humor!