Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stranger than Fiction

I wouldn't say that our life is "unbelievable". However, in the past couple of days I have listened to our boys explaining real events to people and found myself thinking "there is no way that they are going to believe this" or "he should have just said such-and-such." See what you think--I hope that you can find the same humor that I do.

Real life story #1 (as told by Dylan)
Dylan was late to school yesterday. His (truthful) excuse was: "On the way to school, my daddy saw an old lady laying in the street. Her dog made her trip and fall. Daddy had to help her up because she was an old lady and she couldn't get up."
Had he said "I missed the bus" or "Mommy overslept" the story would have been much more believable, but it simply would not have been the truth.

Real life story #2 (as told by Bryan)
Bryan took a toy gorrilla with him to school today (for whatever reason). When he got to school he showed it to his teacher because he was so excited about it. When the teacher asked him where he got it he truthfully told her: "From a forrest that is far away." (We went to the Rainforrest Cafe in Nashville this weekend which is where he got the toy, but not knowing this beforehand, his teacher thought he was using that overactive imagination again!)

Unfortunately, I can only back up one of the stories with picture proof. I apologize that I do not have pictures of real life story #1, but you can see that Bryan's story is true. Here are a couple of pics from the Rainforest Cafe from this weekend.

You can't see the scenery very well, but Dylan is clinging to David because it has just "thundered" and it is now "raining" in the restaraunt!

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Shanda said...

So David can be a good guy every once in a while...just kidding! They are so funny; you can definitely tell they are your kids for sure!