Friday, March 7, 2008


Dylan had his THIRD taekwondo testing last night. He did very well and we expect that he will be promoted to green belt the week after next. Well, that is when we get his results anyway. This testing was very laid back unlike his previous testings where there were 9 judges (all black belts). This time there were only 3 judges and 2 of them were his instructors. Nonetheless, I think he was more nervous for this testing than any other. Either he is really wanting to get promoted to the next rank or he is getting older and is beginning to understand what is at stake if he does not do so well.

Last night the testing was for yellow and white belts ONLY and becasue so many of them are so young, it was quite a hoot to watch. At the end, all of the students lined up in front of the judges and were awaiting instructions about the testing results when Dylan raised his hand (like he does quite often during regular classes) and asked the judges if they were going to pick a "student of the day." Yep, that's my baby! :)

And for those of you living in Bartlett or Cordova, keep an eye out in your local section in the paper. Dylan, his instructor and another student that went to the competition in Nashville last weekend will be in the paper and it is a great photo (I got to see a sneak preview).

I'll try to post a couple of pictures from his testing later, so check back!


Amanda said...

Hey guys, I visited your blog for the first time today and I just think it is awesome. The girls are gorgeous and of course the guys are so cute, especially when telling the truth! I think it is so wonderful you using Dylan's disappointment to point out God's plan. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Godsey Six

It's really good to keep up with what is going on with you guys. Lindsay you are doing a great job updating your blog. This is a way to remember all their cute sayings.

Love you all,