Friday, March 28, 2008

Who would have ever thought...

Who EVER would have thought that this picture would bring me such joy? That is because my baby boy (Dylan) tied these shoes ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Oh I am so excited. I was beginning to think that we would own stock in velcro shoes and sandals before all of the kids grew up and moved out. But THIS gives me hope that we actually do have the patience to teach shoe-tying to our kids.
And here's the proof that he really DID do it all by himself!
" Loop. Swoop, and Pull" as Adam Sandler says in the movie Big Daddy

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your loyal reader and commenter said...

How AWESOME Dylan...way to go! That's so great. And now the stock in velcro shoes and sandals hits an amazing low because all the Godsey kids will be learning how to tie their shoes.