Monday, April 14, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream & An Onion

Being the avid American Idol fan that I am, I take a lot of the witty comments that Simon Cowell comes out with and store them away for a later time. Tonight, was one of those times.

Dylan was at T-Ball practice tonight and I had the other 3 kids with me. Trying to think of something to take along so that I could keep Lydia and Bryan entertained, I grabbed one of those beach-themed sand castle kits (you know with the shovel, bucket, sand sifter and sea shell shaped trays) so that they could play in the sand volleyball court. While I was watching my sweet kids play with their beach kits in the sand court wearing 2 jackets each and I myself was listening to my teeth chattering, one of Cowell's witty comments popped in my mind and I kinda giggled to myself. It went like this:

Building sand castles and 35 degree temperatures "go together like chocolate ice cream and an onion."

I guess it can be kinda frigid on the North coast, but when I think of builing sand castles I think of the Gulf Coast, summertime, swimsuits, & sunscreen, you know--the total opposite of anything that could have been today. But nonetheless, the kids had a great time playing in the sand and Dylan had a good T-ball practice. And, of course, I've got some pictures of the "chocolate ice cream and an onion."

Don't let the layers and layers of coats fool you...It's sand, not snow.

But that didn't matter. They were lovin' every minute of it.

BTW, what ever happened to April showers bringing May flowers? It was sleeting this morning at 10 o'clock!


Anonymous said...

You could sure fool me. Looks just like they are playing in snow with beach toys.

Shanda said...

How neat that you even thought about bringing the sand toys to Dylan's, you're good! Chocolate Ice Cream and Onions, sounds like you might be pregnant again, HA. I can just see you now: laughing at yourself, people laughing at you, watching 2 kids playing in the sand and it being 35 degrees. Sure does sound like the life to me!!!

leahdukecook said...

Talk about crazy weather...heat on high in the morning. Windows open in the afternoon??

Brady Blog said...

what a perfect blog entry-too cute ...making memories everyday!