Monday, April 28, 2008

A First Field Trip

Today Dylan went on his first field trip. His class went to the fire museum downtown. While I was not present for the whole field trip, his teacher did allow me to pop in just long enough to get a couple of pictures of him and his friends. They were all so cute!

Here is Dylan's personal account of the field trip in his own words:

"I had a lots of fun. I even went on a fire truck. I saw lots and lots of things. But when I got hurt (he twisted his ankle when he slid down the fire pole), I sat on a bench and I felt better a little bit. And we talked about what could happen if you're in a house on fire. I even watched a movie about how you can get your house on fire. (We might be in trouble...What kind of movie did they show them?) My favorite thing about the whole day was that I got to ride on a school bus!"

The class lining up to go inside.

Dylan waving to me as he walked by.

Going in. You can see Dylan looking back to see if I am still there. :)

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Shanda said...

I bet they did have fun.