Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friends, Friends, & More Friends

Today, we had a little show at the house and my closest friends all came over with their kiddos. I really love how at the very time that I was pregnant with each of my babies, at least one of my friends was also pregnant. Now our kids will have the opportunity to grow up together and become close friends like their mommies are! And so here they of my kids and their closest friends:
Dylan and his buddy Aaron--such big boys!Bryan and Sam-cutie patooties! (you know Amanda, in every picture we have of these boys together they are both always wearing orange. In fact, in one they were both dressed as pumpkins, remember? Too funny!)Lydia and her boyfriend, Collin. Such a handsome little man!Elysa and Elon in their first ever photos as an official "couple". Someone call Guinness, I think we have a world record of the youngest couple ever!Lydia and Kaylie--best girl friends! (Seriously, Shanda, next time they get together let's let them wear something different! :) I just noticed that they were wearing the exact same shirts as in the Buddies from Birth post. How funny!)

Thanks to everyone for coming. Having 11 kids all under the age of 5 in one house at one time was such a fun type of confusion. I loved seeing all the kids interacting with one another! They are all so sweet and I am blessed to have such great friends!


Kaylie and Elon's Mommy said...

What great pictures! The kids had a blast together, we should definitely go over to y'alls house every weekend from now on(HA-how much fun would that be to clean up). Sorry-I just now realized that no one stayed to help clean up.
I sure didn't realize that the girls were wearing the same shirt...that's funny. We realy should branch out and try other pieces of clothing, huh?
Elysa and Elon..definitely a match!

Anonymous said...

My grandchildren are blessed to have such good friends so young. Looks like everyone had a great time!

vaseline said...

They are great pictures. We need more times together like this. can't wait to see their prints.