Sunday, April 6, 2008

Girl Talk!

Sometimes it seems that I talk a whole lot about my boys and not so much about my girls. But this weekend my girls have given me MUCH to talk about! Lydia has decided that she is going to start talking in full conversations. It has been quite the weekend--and man can she be bossy! Every time Elysa was crying she would tell me or David to "Give Sissy bottle!" I absolutely love it! Finally! And another "Lydia thing"...this weekend for the first time, we were able to squeeze together 2 pigtails! They were tiny, but they were definitely there. Check it out!

And also, this weekend seemed to be the first weekend that Elysa actually entertained herself. She found her feet, talked away, and played with her gym thing. Here are some pictures of little Elysa playing.

And one last thing. Lydia has been by my side much of the time while I was blogging. Today I added the U of M glitter logo on the side bar and when Lydia saw it pop up, she immediately pointed and said "ti-ger!" I did not even know that she knew what a tiger was. Oh no, has she got the tiger fever too?!?! :) That's my girl!


Anonymous said...
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It's me again, Shanda said...

How darling Lydia, the hair is too fun and cute! Way to talk in sentences too, Mommy and Dady need a little bossing around sometimes(ha). Elysa looks like she is having a lot of fun too, way to reach girl! They are growing too fast.

Anonymous said...

Lydia is a cutie with her hair in pigtails. Saturday night as we were cheering on the Tigers, Lydia had to point the tiger out on the TV screen. She may become tramatized when she sees a tiger walking on 4 legs instead of 2.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, I don't always comment on your blog, but I do enjoy reading it. The girls took star roles today, they are both so cute. Your are doing a great job of keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the girls are showing their true star power. Lydia looks like a living doll with the pigtails. Of course I loved Elysa in her snazzy pjs playing. She of course is preparing herself for keeping up with Lydia and the boys.