Friday, April 4, 2008

A little this & a little that

What a day. Today started with an APB for my hairbrush. David and I searched frantically, Dylan and Bryan give a half-hearted search effort, and Lydia stands in front of the TV singing the "Dora" themesong. After about 10 minutes of searching David decided to 'check the oven'. How could I get upset with my sweet daughter who is still singing "Dora"? And so the day begins.

After work I am tasked with getting home, getting the kids from daycare to Grandmommy's, getting Dylan and Bryan from Grandmommy's to a birthday party and then getting Dylan to sparring class. As always, something has to slow me down & make me late. Today it was the ducks. They could not decide which side of the street they wanted to be on. "Why did the ducks cross the road? To make mommy late!"

And finally we made it to the birthday party (only about 15 minutes late) but we made it nonetheless. Although the party was for one of Dylan's friends, I took Bryan along because I knew they would be playing basketball and Bryan loves basketball. Here are a couple of pictures of Bryan basketballin'.
Though pressed for time all day long, it was a fun day. Taking pictures of the things that would have normally frustrated me to the highest degree relieved some tension and helped me to see these things with a new sense of humor. And the day ended with me getting to see my kids having fun and that is what is really most important.


Anonymous said...

This makes me think of the VeggieTale Song "Oh Where Is My Hairbrush?" I can't wait to see Dylan in the tournament. How will we manage when Bryan starts playing sports and then there's the girls (who knows?). Looking forward to it all.
Grandpa & Grandmommy

Miss N Cedie said...

I too find blogging a great stress reliever! I think it is great that you started this blog for your family.

Shanda said...

That's it! I think you have struck GOLD Lindsay. Our taking pictures is THERAPY! How great. Now there really is a good reason to our obsessiveness. Thank you.

Brady Blog said...

i loved the duck picture-i laughed out loud...sounded like an eventful day!