Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Massive Mighty Mississippi

The river is rising and it is still raining in Memphis, TN today. The news predicted that the river would have crested at 37.5 inches on Sunday, but it is Tuesday and still raining so I don't see how it could be lower today than on Sunday. Nonetheless, when you look at the river you can definitely see Mother Nature's power, and way more importantly, you can see God's perfect design. Imagine if it continued to rain and the rivers of the world never flowed anywhere. We would be in a situation far messier than this--and some people believe in the Big Bang Theory...

A view of the Hernando-DeSoto bridge from Tom Lee park.

A view of the Hernando-DeSoto Bridge from the Mississippi Green Belt Park. That is the park's parking lot in the bottom right corner of this picture (almost entirely covered by the river).

And for those who are familiar with the riverboat rides, you know that the boats NEVER come this close to the road. There is only room for 1 or 2 vehicles to park on the cobblestones. These boats are actually floating above the usual parking lot.

And trees don't grow in the Mississippi River.

This should give you a good idea of just how high the waters have risen. You are looking at the Green Belt park where many people go on Sunday afternoons to walk their dogs, jog, or play a game of flag football. Not this Sunday, though...

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Shanda said...

Wow that is absolutely amazing!