Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Amazing Elysa

Today I went in to pick up the kids from daycare and found Elysa SITTING! She was sitting right in the middle of the room, BY HERSELF, in a bumbo seat and playing with one of those mobile mobiles (I don't know what they are called). So, I turned right back around, went to my car, got the camera, and took a few pictures to share. It was so different seeing her doing something other that lying down or sitting in a swing. She is growing so quickly and doing so many new things. Once again and as always, we are so very proud of her! It won't be long and they will all four be running around. Whew--that's when things will really start getting crazy! :)

"Check this out mommy. I'm sitting like a big girl!"

"That was a good picture, now take one of me from the side..."

"Okay, that's enough pictures mommy. I'm not smiling anymore."


Brady Blog said...

too cute..she is getting so big. I love the overalls and purple shirt! Gotta love those Bumbo chairs for the lil ones.

Shanda said...

So why didn't you get a picture of her sitting in the Bumbo chair from the back...I mean, you need to get every angle, come on! HA She looks like such a big girl sitting and so precious smiling. The view is a little different for sure.