Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Proud of our Tigers!

Well, they did not win the game. But they really did not lose it either--they just gave the game to the other team. Kind of nice of them if you think about it. The Tigers showed some true southern hospitality on the court against Kansas Monday night. All kidding aside, and without focusing on all the what if's about the game (and there were a lot of those), I just want to say that we are still very proud of our team! They were and still are the "Dream Team."

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Shanda said...

That's a good way to look at it...Southern Hospitality! Still..Go Tigers Basketball!

Brady Blog said...

Hey Lindsay-i love your blog-so excited to see Dylan playing baseball-too cute! Can't wait for my lil ones to be involved in sports,too. Thxs for all your comments and visits to our blog!

Anonymous said...

Dylan looked awesome out there. He'll be good at any sport like his mother. I loved the pictures of family hide and seek. I am quite impressed that David got into that little house and even more so that Dylan got him out. Now I know that you both are cops, but really, did Lydia deserve to be behind bars :-)


Miss N Cedie said...

It was a very intense game. We were so sad :-(