Friday, April 4, 2008

Spar Wars

Tonight, Dylan sparred for the first time in Taekwondo class. Just before they began, Mr. Miller lined up all of the students and paired everyone up. This was the makeup of tonight's class. Can you spot Dylan in the lineup? (He's the tiny one in the green shirt).

Dylan was partnered with a black belt in the above picture. He knelt down and was really good with Dylan.
After the rotation, Dylan was partnered with another black belt. He, too, knelt down and worked very well with Dylan, helping him learn the ropes.
Then Dylan rotated and was partnered with a red belt. He, too,--well, okay--nearly everyone had to kneal down to spar with Dylan because he was just so tiny. He was the youngest in the class. The next youngest in the class was 2 years older than him. He really is doing so well. His next competition is coming up in about 4 weeks here in Cordova. Keep te 26th open in your schedules. We'll give you the time and location as the date gets closer.

I think I am really going to love Fridays now that he is sparring. As I am typing this, Dylan has passed out on the couch. I guess an hour of non-stop fighting is enough to wear down even the most energetic child! Yay for early Fiday nights! :)


Miss N Cedie said...

Sounds like fun! That is one sport my Dylan has not tried :-)

Shanda, the Mommy said...

Good job Dylan! To be small yet sparring with big ones will be great for him in the long run, I'm sure. Keep it up!