Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Which Little Godsey?

Today I was thinking about how very blessed I am to have so many special people in my life. From there my thoughts drifted specifically to my children and as i was thinking about each of them I am amazed at just how different and unique each one is. So as I was thinking about each child and their personality differences I though it might be fun to see how much might surprise you about the kiddos. So if you have a minute, sift through these ideas and see if you can figure out which quality goes with whom. Be careful, there are a couple of tricky ones in there... Have fun!

Oh, and the answers will be in the comments section...but don't cheat!

Which little Godsey:
  1. sleeps with a stuffed animal named "Ben"?
  2. loves to push around a pink stroller?
  3. weighed the most at birth?
  4. refuses to eat meat?
  5. likes popsicles better than ice cream?
  6. begs to take a nap with mommy and daddy every weekend?
  7. currently weighs the most?
  8. snores?


GodseySix said...

1. Lydia
2. Bryan
3. Elysa (7, 11oz)
4. Lydia
5. Dylan
6. Dylan
7. Bryan
8. Elysa

So, how'd you do?

Anonymous said...

Grandmommy only knew half, 4 out of 8. So I have a few questions...What animal is Ben? Does Mommy, Daddy & Dylan really get a nap together on the weekends with 3 other small ones in the house? What kind of popsicles does Dylan like so I can stock the freezer? Has Elysa always snored or is it from cold? Inquiring minds want to know. Love ya'll.

Brady Blog said...

what a cute idea...great facts on the kiddos! This entry will be fun for the future...you can challenge the kids on your fun quiz!
By the way, we loved dinner and your visit-great salad-it was a work of art!

the one that ALWAYS comments said...

I like the inquiring minds want to know comment...how funny! I actually did pretty good but was thrown off by Bryan liking to push the pink stroller, I mean come on, can't you get him a lawn mower or something? I want Kaylie to be married to a man's man not one that is too in touch with his feminine side. All jokes...how sweet that only Mommy would know all these answers!