Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Bald & The Beautiful

We recently switched pediatricians just a few months before Elysa was born. Not that our former pediatrician was bad, we just found (after a desperate weekend clinic appointment) we liked our new pediatrician so much better. She has not been caught off guard once with our concerns or questions. She has an answer for everything! In addition to providing answers, she also tells us what to expect from our children from the time of the appointment until our next scheduled checkup. And to date, she has hit the nail on the head every time. Most recently, she told us at our 2 month checkup that Elysa's hair would fall out before her next check up and to not "get attached" to it. "Nah" I thought. "If she still has this hair now, she won't lose it." I've known lots of little babies to be born with hair and not lose it. But our 4 month checkup is coming up on Wednesday, and as predicted, out little girl has nothing but fuzz on her tiny head. Even still, she is about as pretty as they come.

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Elon and Kaylie's Mommy said...

The bald and the beautiful...isn't that the truth! I love that little smirk smile on her face...Elon is so lucky to have a girlfriend so beautiful!