Thursday, May 29, 2008

...because that's what Grandmommies do!

Grandmommies are a special type of people. They make things great when no one else can. Well, our's does anyway. They even allow pictures to be taken of them when they are doing crazy things when said actions are being done for the grandbabies. (See exhibit A)

Exhibit A:

Why is Grandmommy raking underneath the trailer? Because that is where Bryan's ball went. And when the grandbabies want the ball, grandmommy gets the ball. (Because that's what Grandmommies do!)

But they also do many other things:

Like cuddle,

Blow kisses,

And spoil those babies rotten...

But of all the grandmommies, I'd have to say ours is the best!

(I love you mom--you were on my mind tonight and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate our 'Grandmommy'.)


Anonymous said...

What a surprise! You sure know how to touch a heart. I love you all.
Grandmommy, Mom, Mother-in-law

shanda said...

She is awesome...that's for sure! It's so wonderful to see how much love and devotion she has for these kids. They sure are lucky!

Eva Nichole said...

So true!! I know my mom is the best grandma out there, at least that is my opinion.
crystal and eva