Sunday, May 4, 2008

Feliz Cuatro de Mayo

Tonight we celebrated "el Cuatro de Mayo" with Kaylie and her family. We all met at the same restaraunt that we ate at last year for "Cinco de Mayo". Unfortunately, our schedule will not allow us the opportunity to celebrate "Cinco de Mayo" this year, so we opted to celebrate the often overlooked "Cuatro de Mayo".

Bryan and his newest heart throb.

Dylan and Daddy appear to be planning some mischief.

Kaylie and Lydia have celebrated the event for two years in a row! Such good friends.

Elysa slept through it all, but she was there. :)

Meanwhile, Dylan and Mr. Jeremy try to settle up on the tab. Dylan--always involved in the financial aspect of things.

Thanks guys for doing dinner with us--it was great fun, as always!


Anonymous said...

Good friends, good food. Looks like fun.

The Noes said...

GREAT pictures! You do so well Ms. Photographer! We had so much fun, after we sat down that is. We will have to do it again sometime soon. I'm glad y'all came over to play in the wet sand, sorry about that, wasn't even thinking about the monsoon we've had lately. I love how sweet your kids are to Kaylie; just how sweet they are to us in general! The often overlooked May 4th will not be so overlooked now once people see how much fun we had!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Mexican food. I celebrate Cuatro de Mayo at least once a month :)