Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Field Day with Dylan"

Monday, Dylan and his class had "Field Day" at school. Grandmommy went and was able to get some great pictures of the day. It looks like everyone had a really great time. Thanks, Grandmommy all the pictures! They are wonderful!!!

"Picnic with Dylan"
"Soccer with Dylan"

"Paper, Scissor, Rock with Dylan"

"The rest of the class with Dylan"

"The photographer (AKA Grandmommy) with Dylan"

And just for the record, there were no tears involved!


Anonymous said...

It was a great time. I hope Dylan has the same fond memories I will have.

Kaylie and Elon's mommy said...

I'm so glad there were no tears involved! Looks like they had a great day; just can't wait for our days like that!