Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hot Tears

Last night Dylan and I were talking about how he only has two more weeks of school (geez--my not-so-little baby is growing up too fast). This conversation led to Dylan telling me about his "field day" coming up on Monday. And it was in this conversation that I was introduced to a very new Dylanism.

hot tears (n) The colorless saline moisture excreted by the sweat glands. Used in exact context:

Dylan: On Monday, I need to wear my orange class shirt, take a hat, a water bottle, and a rag to wipe my tears.

Mommy, (Rethinking whether or not to let him participate in field day if there will be tears involved): Are they expecting you to cry on field day?

Dylan: No, not those tears. HOT tears.

Mommy, (Trying very hard, now, not to laugh): What are hot tears?

Dylan, (as he wipes his hand across his forehead): You know, when the little tears come out on your face when you get hot.

How great is that?! Hot tears. Now if that didn't make you giggle...


Shanda said...

Thats great! What a smart boy though, especially when you don't really know what else to call it.

Anonymous said...

So CUTE! You never know what they'll say do you? Or when it will come out? Yes, the site is def. different, and that wasn't Lakeland...just the default pic. Hopefully now the picture will make sense. I was basically waiting on the use of my camera to get a new pic up. You know how that goes! How was your Mother's Day? :)

Brady Blog said...

That is another classic! I love this analogy-too cute Dylan. What kids will come up with-he is very smart!

Thanks for passing along the clothes for Caroline and Taylor-what a huge blessing!

The Stewarts said...

That is so precious!! I can't wait until Thomas gets to that age. You have much more experience in the mom department than I do, because I totally would have laughed. Way to go mom!!