Sunday, May 18, 2008

A lock-in for Bryan

Last night, Dylan and Bryan went to Cordova Taekwondo for a lock-in. This was the second lock-in Dylan has gone to, but it was a first for Bryan. Within the first 5 minutes, Bryan was crying because the instructor blew his whistle and it scared him. But we let him stay nonetheless. It was not an overnight lock-in, it was just 5 hours so I felt comfortable to let him stay. When we went to pick up the boys, we asked how Bryan did, and they told us that he had earned a new name "bubble wrap." Apparently, Bryan was the smallest one there and he kept hanging with the big kids who were rough housing around. Bryan kept getting trampled, crying, and then jumping right back in the action. So one of the kids said that they needed to wrap him in bubble wrap so he wouldn't get hurt and the name just stuck! Depsite all the "injuries", Bryan "bubble wrap" Godsey said he had a great time and wants to go to another "taekwondo party" next weekend!

I snapped this picture right as I walked in to pick up the boys.

Also, this weekend we signed Bryan up for fall soccer. So, sometime in August he will have his first practice with games soon to follow (along with pictures, of course!)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is just the nickname Grandpa's been waiting for.

Shanda said...

That's such a great nickname...if we could only wrap them all in bubble wrap for the first 3 years! I just couldn't imagine Bryan rough housing... That's great that he got to go the lock in with Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

Bryan reminds me of the old Timex commercial. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. He is doing great and now you can add soccer to list of activities.


Eva Nichole said...

Very funny with the nickname, I am glad they had fun. I remember doing lock ins as a kid.
Glad they had a nice time.
Crystal and Eva