Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Tiny Graduate

On Monday, Dylan had his Kindergarten Celebration program at school. For whatever politically correct reason, they no longer call it a "graduation" program. Nonetheless, they were still issued "diplomas" and "awards", so I still call him my graduate! Once again, I had a terrible "tragedy." As I sat down and watched my little boy walk in, I realized that I had FORGOTTEN MY CAMERA! Arrrrghhhh! Luckily, one of my Sunday School friends was there taking pictures of her little one, so I asked her to snap a couple of pics of Dylan for me, which she did. (Thanks again, Katina!) Here are the pictures that she sent me:

There were 2 separate programs for the Kindergarteners. This program was for 3 of the 5 classes. It worked out really well because the kids were easily able to find the parents in the smaller crowd. Dylan's class is in the orange.

Dylan is reading the "cue cards" for one of the songs they were singing, which explains the silly face. :)

Dylan receiving his "diploma" from the greatest kindergarten teacher ever. EVER!

...I remember (like it was yesterday) holding him for the very first time more than 5 years ago. My, my how they grow up so incredibly fast!

To my tiny graduate: Dylan, I am so proud of you and all that you accomplished this year in school! As always, you have made me proud! I love you from here to the stars!!!


Brady Blog said...

Congrats Dylan on your graduation! As a mom, I would have flipped if I'd forgotten my camera, glad Katina helped out!

Anonymous said...

I think it's impressive that he was reading the cue cards. I couldn't do that in 1st grade and he's the youngest in the class. Way To Go!

Shanda said...

Congratulations Dylan on graduating! What a blessing you have been to your mommy and family! What a great accomplishment with many more to come I'm sure. It's still hard to believe that it was over 5 years ago that I visited you guys in the hospital, wow how time really does fly.

The Stewarts said...

Congrats!! To the big boy. Watch out mom this mean BIG BOY school is next!!!! Time is going by way to fast.

Eva Nichole said...

AAWW Very cute! They do grow up way to fast!!

Crystal and Eva