Wednesday, June 25, 2008

100% boy

Tuesday, I picked up Dylan from school and he had his hands cupped together, excited to show me what he had found at school today on the playground. When he opened his hands to show me what he had there were 7 tiny rollie pollies inside...ewwwww! :) I asked him if we HAD to take them home in the car and he said 'yes' so we did. When we got home he put them in a cup so he could keep them. (2 dogs--check. a fish--check. 7 rollie-pollies--check. We officially have become the all american family!)

Unfortunately right after this picture was taken, Dylan dropped his cup and the little boogers flew out...and Dylan began to cry...and I tried my hardest not to laugh! When I asked why he was crying, he said he thought he killed them. (Really hard not to laugh at this point.)

Fortunately for Dylan--and you--we were able to scrape up these five rollie pollies and get a picture for your viewing pleasure! What a treat, huh?


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon Dylan will be known as "Brother Hero II".

The Stewarts said...

How sweet. Just wait until he comes in the house with a frog or snake. It's going to be known as the Godsey Zoo soon enough. Do you all offer a year Zoo pass??

Shanda said...

Dylan, I completely understand you! When I was in kindergarten I found a really pretty ladybug at recess that I wanted to show my PaPaw when he picked me up from school. I held my hands closed through naptime....when I woke up it was gone! I was sad too. See Lindsay, he thinks about you at school; that's great! And rollie pollies are pretty cool!