Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Build-a-Bear Bash

Today is Lydia's Birthday. So up next in our bashing series is the Build-a-Bear bash:

Today, we took Lydia and her best friend, Kaylie, to Build-a-Bear for her birthday. They made matching bears and just spent a little time together riding the carousel, scouting out the Disney store, and munching on some pretzels from Auntie Anne's. It was a really fun day and although my camera went ka-put early on in the trip, I was able to get a few pretty good pictures of the day.

Getting started--the girls immediately took note of the ENORMOUS carousel and wanted to go for a spin!

Don't let the expression fool you--she really was having a great time.


Then it was on to Build-a-Bear. Here's Lydia picking out the Bear she wants to make.

And then the girls went on to "bathe" their bears when my camera went on strike! In this picture, Kaylie is watching as Lydia gives her new bear, named Tiger, a bath.

Thank you, Kaylie for coming with us to celebrate Lydia's birthday. We had a lot of fun and Lydia loves 'Tiger'!


Kaylie's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Lydia! Kaylie had a blast and it has been all she has talked about today..."I went to the mall to see Lydia and build a bear!" "Lydia has a bear just like me!" Another year together!

Anonymous said...

Lydia is blessed to have such a good friend at such an early age.