Monday, June 9, 2008

Drumroll, please

For those who participated in the tooth fairy poll, our results are in! Not only has the poll closed, but the tooth has fallen out and the tooth fairy has been by. 83% of the votes predicted that the tooth fairy's going rate would be $1 - $2 dollars. As predicted, her pay rate did fall within that range. $1.25 to be exact. Last night after the tooth fell out, we had quite the family time to follow. Our family time consisted mostly of many excited questions about the tooth fairy:

  • Does the tooth fairy fly?

  • How does she get into the house?

And then there was my favorite question of the night:

  • What does she do with the tooth after she takes it? "Does she put it in her mouth?" (Hmmm. Kinda brings about a whole new visual about what the tooth fairy might look like, doesn't it?)

In the meantime, Bryan did not have any idea what all this commotion was about and why he couldn't put a tooth under his pillow. He kept pouting and asking David to pull one of his teeth out. Needless to say, mommy and daddy were not prepared for all the wuestions that come along with losing a tooth, but I think we fared pretty well.

In conclusion, here are a few pictures of our night/morning:

The tooth:

The big boy:

Dylan places his tooth under the pillow:And the tooth fairy came!:
She was so nice--she also left a note for Bryan (under his pillow) telling him that his first tooth would fall out soon enough and she would be back to leave him a surprise. Here Daddy is reading the note to Bryan:


The Stewarts said...

That is so sweet that the tooth fairy tought of Bryan too. I wonder how that sneaky little tooth fairy knew that Bryan was soo upset.

leahdukecook said...

Too funny! I think it is sweet he wants to be in on the excitement of the tooth fairy. Fabulous question and answer session!

Shanda said...

I love it! I love the play by play pictures too! The tooth fairy just thinks of everything, doesn't she?

Eva Nichole said...

AAWW Bryan looks so sad, unless he is just tired. Good job with all the explaining about the tooth fairy. Its funny because in this time period we could go to the computer and google the tooth fairy...LOL!
Crystal and Eva