Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Introducing: My Warped Sense of Humor


That's How I Roll!

Some may or may not know that David is back on the evening shift at work. This leaves me with all the kids by myself from the time I get home from work until I finish my late night rendezvous with blogger. Tonight was my first night coming home from work and having them all and man-oh-man was I a multi-tasking machine. So the brief rundown of the night went like this:

  • 4:30 - left work

  • 5:00 - picked up Dylan from his daycare.

  • 5:10 - Swing by the house to get Dylan changed for taekwondo/practice his patterns before class.

  • 5:30 - Took Dylan to taekwondo.

  • 5:45 - Left Dylan and went to pick up the other 3 kids from their daycare.

  • 6:00-6:25 - Sat in the car outside of taekwondo waiting for Dylan to finish and come out, all the while listening to: Lydia scream because there was a bug outside her window flying around, Bryan asking the same question about 20 times "When are we gonna eat dinner" and Elysa crying/begging to get out of her car seat.

  • 6:25 - Dylan emerges from the Taekwondo class along with radiant beams of light as all the others begin to cheer because we can now get away from the bug/eat dinner/peel ourselves out of our seats.

  • 6:45 - start dinner and simultaneously clean the patio of shattered glass (Have I mentioned lately how BIG Mesa is getting...)

  • 7:00 - dinner is served. (Thank you SeaPak for frozen fish favorites!)

  • 7:15 - Laundry is shuffled around/started in washer, dryer, couch, etc.

  • 7:30 - Deeeeep breath as I realize they ALL need baths. It's time to sssslllloooowww down and take a mathmatical approach to this daunting task: 4 of them (kids) + 2 of those (bathtubs) / 1 of me (mommy) =


and this:

  • 8:00 - Everyone's in bed, kitchen's cleaned, laundry is shuffled around again as I start another load, bottles are washing, and I, my good friends, am blogging to my little heart's content. I did it! One day down, indefinite more days to go...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

So, staying true to my blogging addiction, I have recently been enjoying late, late nights "stalking" other people's blogs--People I don't know & will never meet. (Somebody help me, I'm out of control!!!) Anyhow, I have come across this idea on a couple of random blogs and have decided that I'm going to give it a go myself. So, let's see, tomorrow is Wednesday, so I'm right on time to post our first "Wordless Wednesday". Now you might be thinking, "That's a whole bunch of reading I just did for this to be wordless wednesday" so this is it. You've been prepped. From now on, Wednesday's shall be Wordless. Here goes:

Ok, That didn't work as well as I had hoped. Some pictures just need some explaining. Let's try another one:
Um, yeah. You know what...let's just scrap the Wordless Wednesday plan. It was good in theory but I just dont think it will work with this family! :) Have a great Wednesday!

A Nice, Relaxing Day Off:

Yeah, I wish. I did however, manage to burn 2,376 calories and all the skin on my hands. Oh, the joy! And I didn't even use exercise equipment.

Instead, I shovelled cow manure:

Uprooted trees:

Relocated said tree:

And converted this:

Into something like this:

Okay, it really looks like this:

So, that sums up my day. Next time I take a day off from work, I think I'll dig a swimming pool...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Even Superman Needs His Momma. think he tied that cape himself? Proof, yet again, that you are never too old for your momma!!!!!!!

(I love job security.)

Guess Which Godsey

Heaven help me, they're all starting to look alike! Can you guess which little Godsey this is?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Move Over Galileo--Here Comes Bryan!

This weekend, Bryan has amazed us with his knowledge of the planets. Would you know that he can look at them on the computer and point out each one and name it? I know I'm impressed. Tonight, while I was quizzing him on the different planets, the following conversation unfolded:

Mommy: Bryan, which one is the smallest planet?

Bryan: Pluto. But he's not a planet anymore?

Mommy: Oh?

Bryan: That's what Ms. Sara says. He used to be a planet, but now he's a outer space.

How about that. You learn something new everyday! (Especially with a 4-year-old.)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

While you were sleeping...

...I was enjoying a late, late night visit with this handful of sweetness:
And look at those eyes...doesn't look like she'll be ready to turn in any time soon, either. That's alright. I'll just soak it all in--after all, this is our last little one. :)

Indulging in my other identity

Today Lindsay took the day off and let 'Dylan's mom' take over. It was so fun! Dylan's kindergarten sweetheart celebrated her 6th birthday at Pump it Up. It was a sweet reunion both for the children and the parents. We had such a wonderful group this past year--all of the parents seemed to get along just as well as the kids. Hopefully next year we will have many in the same class, the only unfortunate thing is that we can't take the teacher with us. :( She was the GREATEST. Anyhow, I love when my kids' friends call me Dylan's mom or Bryan's mom--it is such a neat feeling. It reminds me that just as much as my children belong to me, I belong to them and that, my friend, is an AWESOME thought! So while I am indulging, still, in my other identity, you can indulge in these photos from our day. Enjoy!

I think he still has a little 'crush'. Notice he is right beside this cutie wherever she goes. :)

What a great picture of all these amazing kiddos! I just love 'em all!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Date with the Grand-Women

Saturday, Dylan and Bryan went on a special date with Grandmommy and Grandmama (to clarify, they are his maternal grandmother and great-grandmother). They all went to the Pink Palace, and Bryan has been talking about it ALL WEEK LONG! Daddy now has a background of the Solar System on his computer as Bryan has demanded to know fact after fact about "Pluto". While they were there they mined for gems, learned about dinosaurs, and visited the planetarium among other things. Here are a few pictures they took:

This one is my favorite. Man, I love those boys!

Grandmama and the boys:

Run, Bryan!!! (Doesn't he look like he's about to take off running in this picture?)Thanks Grandmommy and Grandmama for taking the boys on such a cool date! THey really had a great time! :)

Oh, My Aching Heart!

Today, my heart can now begin to heal. This past Saturday, David and I took Elysa to get her ears pierced. We just loved how well Lydia has done with her earrings and we figured the younger she was, the easier it would be on her to have them pierced. (I still believe this to be true.) However, when we took Elysa to get her ears pierced, just before having them pierced, the lady asked me if I thought the dots were even on her ears. I replied with a quick and confident "no". The girl then proceeded to tell me that the marks were in fact even and that Elysa's ears were different which is why the dots looked uneven. I looked for a minute and hesitantly agreed--even though the dots still looked uneven to me. And so it was, my 6-month-old darling little girl's ears were pierced. That afternoon, I was completely dissatisfied with the earrings. They were simply uneven. But I did not want to have her ears re-done. And at the same time, I did not want to take the earrings out, thus, having put my child through unnecessary pain despite the brevity of said pain. NOR did I want her little ears to be uneven for life. Can you see my dilema--my mental anguish? The next day we went to church and I waited to see if the unevenness of the earrings was noticed by anyone else. Uh, yep--right away. Oh, the knots began twisting in my stomach again. What should I do? After thinking about it, talking to my husband about it, receiving encouragement from an older, more experienced mom in the church, and praying with all my heart's energy, we decided to remove only the one earring and have it re-pierced several days later. Today was that day. My wonderful husband took her to have it done. I waited in the car biting my fingernails until none were left. But now, they are even, beautiful, and my heart is healing. At long last I can feel good about posting pictures of our little girl with her newly pierced ears. (Note: She did better this time than the first time says my husband. Not even shedding one tear!)

Is this one happy baby or what???

Monday, July 21, 2008

100 things - Part 2 of 4

So here's part 2 of 4. I know you haave all been on pins and needles, anxiously waiting for me to post 25 more useless trivia facts about myself. Well, wait no longer...

  1. One movie that I could watch over and over again without it getting old is Along Came Polly. What a funny movie. It makes me 'happy as a hippo"!

  2. My very first job was as a hostess at China Royal. I started on my 16th birthday.

  3. When I was 18 I was hired as a substitute teacher for Shelby County Schools. It was a really fun job--especially when I subbed at the high schools.

  4. I have bungee jumped once. ONLY once. :)

  5. I have a couple of tattoos. One is a tattoo of 2 dolphins around my belly button. (I was not thinking about having 4 kids when I got might imagine what they look like now!)

  6. When I was in high school, I think I ate a box of Macaroni and Cheese every morning for breakfast. Seriously.

  7. My favorite holiday is probably Thanksgiving. Great food, time with family, etc.

  8. I totally dislike shopping! My husband on the other hand--could spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars if given the opportunity.
  9. Since I have 'published' my first 25 things, some of my closest friends have emailed or commented regarding other things that give me a weak stomach. Some I am too ashamed to say. But I do have a VERY weak stomach, however, that seems to be getting better since I have had the kids. (Thanks guys, you know who you are.)
  10. One of my favorite smells is Pampers brand diapers. Does anyone else notice that that brand has a specific smell to them. The smell reminds me of when my babies were new newborns. Every time I am in the grocery store I make a trip down the baby aisle even if I don't need anything--just to smell the diapers. (Let's not tell anyone I do that. It'll be our little secret. Don't want anyone thinking I'm wierd or anything.)

  11. Since they dont make candles in "Pamper" scent, I also like Vanilla for any 'scented' items. Candles, potpourri, air fresheners, etc.

  12. I sucked my thumb until 4th grade...then I got braces.

  13. I was blessed enough to grow up knowing my grandparents on both sides of my family, AND my great grandparents on both sides of my family. Hopefully this means that I'll be around for a while...

  14. I was a HUGE Oakland Athletics fan when I was growing up. Don't really know why. Yellow and green just looked good together. Not to mention that they had handsome Jose Canseco on their team! :)
  15. I care. About everything. About too much sometimes. And I am a worrier. It's in my blood. I worry that I offended so-and-so by not speaking and then Ill speak and worry that I said something that offended them. Worry, worry, worry.
  16. I have just recently been wearing prescription glasses. I now need them to function. I can see you without my glasses, but until you speak, I won't know who you are.
  17. I have a very bad habit of biting my fingernails. My parents lost this battle. They tried and tried to help me stop when I was growing up. At least I quit sucking my thumb, right mom?
  18. I have a minor in English. I can't stand English. It is SO incredibly boring. I just happened to take enough Literature courses to have the minor added to the transcript. Why not?

  19. I have never been to Graceland and I have lived in Memphis my entire life. If you have already been to Graceland and you'd like to see a different home with a jungle room, you can tour our home. With 4 kids, every room is a jungle room. PLUS, I'll even give you a discount on admission!

  20. I am never on time for anything. Ever. They expect me to show up a half hour late to work on a daily basis. I don't know why I can never make it on time anywhere. Even when I was single--late. My motto for work is "If you show up on time once, they'll expect it every time."

22. I just skipped # 21 on purpose. Man this stuff gets harder and harder.

23. The most recent book I read was called Save Me from Myself. It was written by Brian Welsh, the former lead guitarist for the band Korn about his conversion to Christianity. My brother reccommended it to me. It was a great book. Very interesting!

24. Now that I have children, I find myself watching a lot of shows that they watch--and liking them. iCarly is one of my new favorites. It's hilarious. I'll even watch it by myself if it is on and the kids are in bed. Waaaaaaayyy better than Hannah Montana! :)

25. I'd rather drive than fly when we take family vacations. I enjoy the drive with my family about as much as the vacation itself.

Whew! I don't know how much more of this I can do. It might be a while before I start on Part 3. And I'll keep in mind that I owe you one (since I skipped #21.) Anyhow, there it is--part 2 of 4!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wanna know what I love?

I love the fact that my husband tries to act like he has no interest in my blogging, refuses to join in any ongoing conversation that revolves around the subject of blogging, and shows no emotion when I tell him about my blog or something I've read on one of my favorites; yet when he goes to work he makes it a point to check in on the blog (when I'm not around). How do I know? Well, he'll definitely mention this post to me tomorrow night when he gets home from work! :)
(Love you, sweetheart!)
Anyhow, I can't complain too much. While he doesn't always entertain my conversations about the blogging community, he will usually entertain the girls regardless of how 'girly' their demands may be. Case in point:

"Alright, Lydia...I'll hold him down--you dress him up!"

"Daddy, you look so pretty!"

To my wonderful husband...Please don't get too mad about me posting these pictures! Love you! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Elysa's 6 month photos

We had Elysa's 6 month photos made today. She did so well! We only had to take one shot of each pose because she never stopped smiling. She even gave us a few little grins we have never seen before--such a ham! Since we pretty much bought the copyright to the pictures, I can post them, so here are a few of my favorites:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sitting, Computing, Swimming, & Pottying

Again tonight as I was sitting in front of a blank screen I was thinking to myself--another day and nothing new really to post about. But as I was scrolling through my gazillion pictures on the computer, I realized quite a bit has actually been going on lately. Wake up, mommy! So all in the past week:

Dylan has started swimming at school--without floaties! He even got a little sun. However, he is just like me--this color has already faded and he is ready for another round of sun. We NEVER tan! :)

Elysa, as you already know, is now crawling. But this week she has mastered getting into the sitting position by herself. So now she gets where she wants AND finishes by sitting up! :)

Bryan has started using the computer and is doing quite well following instructions on the educational games he has been playing. (Great games on if any one is interested.) Doesn't he look so tiny sitting next to the computer/desk! :)

And Lydia has been wearing 'big girl' panties to school this week. She averages about 1 accident a day and they say she is doing really well! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

100 things - Part 1 of 4

So I saw this on Leah's old blog some time ago and have been saving the idea for a rainy day such as this. Since not much has been going on aside from everyday life, I figured I'd get started on 100 things about myself that you may or may not already know--or better yet, 100 things about myself that you may or may not care to know. :) Either way, here goes. (Listed in no particular order.)

  1. If I could live any place in the world I'd probably choose some place in Canada.

  2. I really dislike cold weather. (How contradicting was that?!)

  3. I love my eye color--it is a very very dark brown.

  4. My favorite Bible verse is probably Galatians 2:20.

  5. I have seen more in my 7 years at my job than most people see in their entire life.

  6. One TV show that I really miss is Third Rock from the Sun.

  7. I rarely ever wear my own clothes. Most are my husbands--some I have just found along the way.

  8. My favorite color is brown.

  9. All of my children's names have 5 letters with a 'y' in the middle. By choice. (Wierd huh?)

  10. All of my children were born on the 28th or 29th day of a month that is divisible by 3. By choice. (Okay, so I'm kidding on that one. That really would be wierd!)

  11. I am a huge fan of most music that was recorded during the 60's. Went with my parents to a CCR concert less than a year ago. It was GREAT! Lead singer sounded just like Fogerty.

  12. I am intrigued by the Civil Rights Movement. Could take history class after history class chocked full of information regarding the era.

  13. I have a B.A. in Sociology. It took me 10 YEARS to get that, but I did it!

  14. My first car was a Buick Skylark. What a beauty...huh! :)

  15. I could play volleyball non-stop if I did not have other obligations. But since I do, I play any chance I get. (Actually just got done playing tonight. We won. Undefeated so far this season! Not that that really matters. I know I'm a has-been, but it's still fun.)

  16. I have come to the realization that most people do not get my sense of humor. I am out there on my own on this one. (Very dry & very random)

  17. My favorite thing about my job is the adrenaline rushes you get scattered here and there throughout an otherwise redundant job. (car chases, foot pursuits, blue lights and siren to hold up alarms, and so on).

  18. The absolute grossest thing in the world to me is a string. Ugh! Just the thought of them makes me sick. If I see a string on the floor or a shirt and David is nowhere around to get it for me, I'll get a papertowel and grab it to throw it away. Strings--Ugh! UGH!

  19. When I started college in '97 I majored in Spanish. I wanted to teach high school Spanish. Whe nI finally got my act together and went back to school in '05, I had only 3 Spanish classes left to finish the degree, but I could not remember any of the Spanish.

  20. When I was in high school I wantd to be a professional beach volleyball player. I didn't quite make it. :)

  21. One of my favorite things to hear my kids say is "thank you". They don't have to thank me, but the fact that they do really melts my heart.

  22. My husband and I have always worked together. Most people say 'I don't think I could do that.' but I couldn't imagine not working with him. I can see him any time I want.

  23. I am a very shy person. Really. I hide behind that very warped sense of humor that I mentioned earlier, but deep down, I'm incredibly shy.

  24. I think the hardest job in the world is being a stay at home mom. I mean that. I use my work as an excuse not to keep the house clean and cook. I think on Mother's day, klove averaged out a salary for a stay at home mom to be somewhere around 1.something million just based on the salary for all the jobs that they do: Chef, housekeeper, launderer, child care provider, telephone answering service, doctor, exterminator, and on and on. I think they'd fire me! :)

  25. If you have a stat meter on your blog, I'm the one that makes it jump about 10 numbers a day. Blogging is my vice. I admit, I'm addicted.

So there you have it--part 1 of 4. (Aren't you glad I did not subject you to any more of this useless information in one sitting?) I'll add more later. But for now, I'll give it a rest. Hope you are still awake. :) See--dry humor coming out again! Pray that something exciting happens tomorrow so I can post about my babies again--they really are the stars of this blog!

Until then, take care and God bless!

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Not over 'till the Blog Author sings!

Wait, wait, wait. I have not actually sung yet. If you have visited our new blog, you know exactly what is going on. If not, don't worry about it--we're staying right here. New updates will be coming right up. Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Where the end meets the beginning...

Greetings fellow blogger-anian-ites! :) It is with great reluctance that I have decided to end this blog. David and I have been monitoring what has been going on our blog and we think it is the best interest of our family, specifically our children, to switch to an invite only blog. I am hesitant to do this as I am almost certain that we will lose most of our visitors; however, the safety of our children and that of our family will always come first.

I hope each of you will continue to visit our new blog which is linked on the sidebar to the right. However, in order to gain access, you will need to enter your email and password. So, if you would send us an email at we can set you up to get right in. (We will not need your password--it is usually the same password that you use to access your email account.)

This, my friends, is where the end (of this blog) meets the beginning (of the new blog, of course!) We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why did the chicken cross the road?

That's an easy one. Try this one for a change:

How do the cooks get the bones inside the chicken?

That was the question Dylan asked us this evening as we all sat around the table eating. Gotta love the innocence at this age.

Confessions of a 6-month-old

Monday, July 7, 2008


I won the lottery! Just kidding--those are not winning lotto numbers. They are actually the height/weight measurements for my 3 youngest kiddos--ALL of which I had the pleasure of taking to the doctor. Today. Together. By myself. Shots included. Whew. But I survived as did the little ones, although you might not have thought so if you were in the room next door.

:*( My poor babies.

But the good news is that they are all healthy and looking good. :)

Bryan weighed 36 lbs. 8 oz and was 40.5 inches tall (Almost 3.5 feet). All falling in the 50th %.

Lydia weighed 26 lbs. 8 oz and was 35 inches tall (Catching up with big brother.) She was 75th % in height and 50th % in weight.

Elysa weighed 16 lbs 1 oz and was 27 inches long. She was in the 9oth % for height and 50th % for weight.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4k--NO WAY!

As I am typing this we have logged 3,997 hits to this site. When I started the blog, I was lucky to be the only one to check in and that would be to post another update. :) I can't believe that we have had that many visitors come to the site over the past few months. Wow! I am so thankful for our visitors. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to check in on our family.

We did it!

And it wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated it to be. Today I took Lydia to get her ears pierced. It's something David and I have been up in the air about for over a year now, and today I decided to just take her and get it done. (Her Uncle T got her some clip on earrings for her birthday that she just loves, so we thought we might as well take her to get the real things.) She did so well. She did cry, but I would say that it was for less than ten seconds or so. And when she stopped crying, she wanted to "shop" as she went from kiosk to kiosk grabbing items in the store. Believe it or not, I have pictures (haha)!

The before picture (sun was in her eyes):
The after picture--still in the chair. "Look mom: No Tears!"
Just being pretty...(for some reason she looks a little puffy in this picture like she was crying or something, but she was actually laughing--not crying.)
Check out her new "purse". She really earned this one!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Elysa has become quite interactive lately. Having a little time off from work has given me the opportunity to slow down and take everything in. Just in the past couple of days I have watched her reach out to play with Mesa, 'inch' her way towards the boys to see what they are doing, laugh at Lydia, and we have allowed her to sit at the table with us during dinner time. Here are a few interaction pictures that I was able to get in the past few days.

Hey, Mesa! That's my toy!

What's for dinner?

I'll just try some of daddy's food...or not! :)

Lydia, do you see what I see?

Elysa, sweet heart, you are such a joy! I am so excited to see you getting more and more involved in family times. I can't wait to see that beautiful personality blossom even more! I love you, too, from here to the stars!!! ~Mommy

The Final Bash

And to conclude our bashing series, I now present the 'final bash':

Today we had all of our (in-town) family over to celebrate Bryan and Lydia's birthdays. Everything went very well and the kids seemed to really have a good time. After nearly two weeks of birthday bashes, we have finally concluded our bashing series. Here are some pictures from the 'final bash.'

Bryan opening his gifts:
Lydia opening her gifts:
"...Happy Birthday dear Lydia and Bryan. Happy Birthday to you!"