Tuesday, July 15, 2008

100 things - Part 1 of 4

So I saw this on Leah's old blog some time ago and have been saving the idea for a rainy day such as this. Since not much has been going on aside from everyday life, I figured I'd get started on 100 things about myself that you may or may not already know--or better yet, 100 things about myself that you may or may not care to know. :) Either way, here goes. (Listed in no particular order.)

  1. If I could live any place in the world I'd probably choose some place in Canada.

  2. I really dislike cold weather. (How contradicting was that?!)

  3. I love my eye color--it is a very very dark brown.

  4. My favorite Bible verse is probably Galatians 2:20.

  5. I have seen more in my 7 years at my job than most people see in their entire life.

  6. One TV show that I really miss is Third Rock from the Sun.

  7. I rarely ever wear my own clothes. Most are my husbands--some I have just found along the way.

  8. My favorite color is brown.

  9. All of my children's names have 5 letters with a 'y' in the middle. By choice. (Wierd huh?)

  10. All of my children were born on the 28th or 29th day of a month that is divisible by 3. By choice. (Okay, so I'm kidding on that one. That really would be wierd!)

  11. I am a huge fan of most music that was recorded during the 60's. Went with my parents to a CCR concert less than a year ago. It was GREAT! Lead singer sounded just like Fogerty.

  12. I am intrigued by the Civil Rights Movement. Could take history class after history class chocked full of information regarding the era.

  13. I have a B.A. in Sociology. It took me 10 YEARS to get that, but I did it!

  14. My first car was a Buick Skylark. What a beauty...huh! :)

  15. I could play volleyball non-stop if I did not have other obligations. But since I do, I play any chance I get. (Actually just got done playing tonight. We won. Undefeated so far this season! Not that that really matters. I know I'm a has-been, but it's still fun.)

  16. I have come to the realization that most people do not get my sense of humor. I am out there on my own on this one. (Very dry & very random)

  17. My favorite thing about my job is the adrenaline rushes you get scattered here and there throughout an otherwise redundant job. (car chases, foot pursuits, blue lights and siren to hold up alarms, and so on).

  18. The absolute grossest thing in the world to me is a string. Ugh! Just the thought of them makes me sick. If I see a string on the floor or a shirt and David is nowhere around to get it for me, I'll get a papertowel and grab it to throw it away. Strings--Ugh! UGH!

  19. When I started college in '97 I majored in Spanish. I wanted to teach high school Spanish. Whe nI finally got my act together and went back to school in '05, I had only 3 Spanish classes left to finish the degree, but I could not remember any of the Spanish.

  20. When I was in high school I wantd to be a professional beach volleyball player. I didn't quite make it. :)

  21. One of my favorite things to hear my kids say is "thank you". They don't have to thank me, but the fact that they do really melts my heart.

  22. My husband and I have always worked together. Most people say 'I don't think I could do that.' but I couldn't imagine not working with him. I can see him any time I want.

  23. I am a very shy person. Really. I hide behind that very warped sense of humor that I mentioned earlier, but deep down, I'm incredibly shy.

  24. I think the hardest job in the world is being a stay at home mom. I mean that. I use my work as an excuse not to keep the house clean and cook. I think on Mother's day, klove averaged out a salary for a stay at home mom to be somewhere around 1.something million just based on the salary for all the jobs that they do: Chef, housekeeper, launderer, child care provider, telephone answering service, doctor, exterminator, and on and on. I think they'd fire me! :)

  25. If you have a stat meter on your blog, I'm the one that makes it jump about 10 numbers a day. Blogging is my vice. I admit, I'm addicted.

So there you have it--part 1 of 4. (Aren't you glad I did not subject you to any more of this useless information in one sitting?) I'll add more later. But for now, I'll give it a rest. Hope you are still awake. :) See--dry humor coming out again! Pray that something exciting happens tomorrow so I can post about my babies again--they really are the stars of this blog!

Until then, take care and God bless!


Mom said...

Interesting trivia. What's up with living in Canada???? I think more of Wyoming. By the way, background is much better than all that pink.

The Stewarts said...

So your #16, does that mean you and Micro get along better. You share jokes??? :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the "old" blog back, now I won't have to learn something else new. Loved your 100 things, some I knew and others were a complete suprise, looking forward to segment #2.

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

I guess our senses of humor or similar b/c you seem to think I'm funny and I seem to think your funny. So I guess we're both weird. :)

from one future tennis baller to another said...

It's amazing how well you think you know someone and then there's like 15 things that you didn't have a clue about! I loved this one...it will also give your kids a chance to get to know you a little better too (especially when the tennis balls come out and....)!