Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Final Bash

And to conclude our bashing series, I now present the 'final bash':

Today we had all of our (in-town) family over to celebrate Bryan and Lydia's birthdays. Everything went very well and the kids seemed to really have a good time. After nearly two weeks of birthday bashes, we have finally concluded our bashing series. Here are some pictures from the 'final bash.'

Bryan opening his gifts:
Lydia opening her gifts:
"...Happy Birthday dear Lydia and Bryan. Happy Birthday to you!"


Anonymous said...

Well, you have now entered my mom's world of very, very long birthday celebrations. The kids will love thinking back on these when they are adults and no longer have these :-(.


Kaylie and Elon's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday guys! What a great time to get to celebrate with family. Looks like you sure are lucky! 2 weeks to celebrate birthdays...Man!

Grandmommy said...

The family bash was very nice. The food was great and the kids provided the entertainment. Happy Birthday to Lydia & Bryan.