Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Today has been a rather emotional day for me. It started this morning when I dropped off Dylan at the daycare. Here is the emotional rundown of my day:
  • I found out this morning that my 5-year-old son is officially "too cool" to blow kisses to his mommy now. (Mixed emotions--funny because I can remember being 'too cool' for my parents, yet sad because now I'm the parent and I see my little man growing up right before my eyes!)

  • I found out this afternoon that my sweet 5-year-old is also officially "too cool" to hold mommy's hand in public. On a short trip to the grocery story this afternoon I held out my hand in the parking lot for Dylan to grab and he ever-so-smoothly ignored the obvious hint I was giving for him to grab my hand. When I grabbed his, it was limp and when I let go, it fell to his side. Yep, he's now "too cool" to hold my hand. (Once again, mixed emotions similar to those mentioned above.)

  • I found out that I can be just as excited about my son getting a little trophy for the t-ball season as he was! (Mixed emotions--excitement in his getting the trophy as I remember in my mind just how big of a deal it was for me to get a trophy when I was younger and once again a little sadness in seeing him grow up SO quickly.)

  • And on the other end of the spectrum, I noticed today that Elysa has "officially" cut her first and second teeth! (Mixed emotions as I immediately realized that there will be no more 'cutting of the first teeth' and was a little saddened, yet really excited because it means that she, too, is growing up and will soon be running along with the others.)
So from the oldest all the way down to the youngest, it was like I was watching a slide show of "This is your life" today. With my emotions all over the board today, this was about as good as I could do for today's post. I hope that there was at least a little humor that could be pulled out of it! :) I would have to say that this falls under the "organize my thoughts" category that I mentioned in the header of the blog. :) I'll end tonight's entry with a few pictures of Dylan's T-ball party. Hope you enjoy!

Dylan at the party


Gettin' his trophy from Coach Joel:

Dylan & his BIGGEST fan!

And Dylan & Coach Joel:


The Stewarts said...

I really feel your pain!! You want to be happy for the milestones and are sssoo proud but at the same time it's like what happened to the little baby that needed me for everything?? Just look at it this way one day they will take care of you in the loving way that you are taking care of them.

Mommy of 2 growin up too fast said...

He looks like he is a little too cool to smile in the first picture too. :) Congrats on the trophy! They are growing up so fast; at least you know that you are supposed to be cherishing these moments!

Grandmommy said...

Told you so!