Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Nice, Relaxing Day Off:

Yeah, I wish. I did however, manage to burn 2,376 calories and all the skin on my hands. Oh, the joy! And I didn't even use exercise equipment.

Instead, I shovelled cow manure:

Uprooted trees:

Relocated said tree:

And converted this:

Into something like this:

Okay, okay...so it really looks like this:

So, that sums up my day. Next time I take a day off from work, I think I'll dig a swimming pool...


Anonymous said...

Impressive, so when are you going to rebrick your home and then build your own car from scratch? I suggest your next two relaxing days off will cover all that and then some.


Grandmommy said...

Looks like a Bartlett City Beautiful yard of the month in progress.

Shanda said...

Great job Lindsay! I know that flower bed has been quite the work in progess. Great on burning off the calories though...now we need some Mexican!

Noticer of your trickiness said...

By the way........the before and after picture is not of the same place. You shouldn't trick people. It's not nice!