Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh, My Aching Heart!

Today, my heart can now begin to heal. This past Saturday, David and I took Elysa to get her ears pierced. We just loved how well Lydia has done with her earrings and we figured the younger she was, the easier it would be on her to have them pierced. (I still believe this to be true.) However, when we took Elysa to get her ears pierced, just before having them pierced, the lady asked me if I thought the dots were even on her ears. I replied with a quick and confident "no". The girl then proceeded to tell me that the marks were in fact even and that Elysa's ears were different which is why the dots looked uneven. I looked for a minute and hesitantly agreed--even though the dots still looked uneven to me. And so it was, my 6-month-old darling little girl's ears were pierced. That afternoon, I was completely dissatisfied with the earrings. They were simply uneven. But I did not want to have her ears re-done. And at the same time, I did not want to take the earrings out, thus, having put my child through unnecessary pain despite the brevity of said pain. NOR did I want her little ears to be uneven for life. Can you see my dilema--my mental anguish? The next day we went to church and I waited to see if the unevenness of the earrings was noticed by anyone else. Uh, yep--right away. Oh, the knots began twisting in my stomach again. What should I do? After thinking about it, talking to my husband about it, receiving encouragement from an older, more experienced mom in the church, and praying with all my heart's energy, we decided to remove only the one earring and have it re-pierced several days later. Today was that day. My wonderful husband took her to have it done. I waited in the car biting my fingernails until none were left. But now, they are even, beautiful, and my heart is healing. At long last I can feel good about posting pictures of our little girl with her newly pierced ears. (Note: She did better this time than the first time says my husband. Not even shedding one tear!)

Is this one happy baby or what???


Grandmommy said...

You would have never been satisfied any other way and when Elysa got older she would not have liked it either. Kudos to David. Elysa is beautiful and we are blessed to have her.

lovin pierced ears said...

Way to go Elysa! At least it is all fixed now. Elysa will be so happy that you did this so that she wouldn't have to go through the pain and actually remember it too. She looks precious with her new earrings!

The Stewarts said...

Way to go baby girl!!! You know dads get just as upset too, they just cover it up well.