Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sitting, Computing, Swimming, & Pottying

Again tonight as I was sitting in front of a blank screen I was thinking to myself--another day and nothing new really to post about. But as I was scrolling through my gazillion pictures on the computer, I realized quite a bit has actually been going on lately. Wake up, mommy! So all in the past week:

Dylan has started swimming at school--without floaties! He even got a little sun. However, he is just like me--this color has already faded and he is ready for another round of sun. We NEVER tan! :)

Elysa, as you already know, is now crawling. But this week she has mastered getting into the sitting position by herself. So now she gets where she wants AND finishes by sitting up! :)

Bryan has started using the computer and is doing quite well following instructions on the educational games he has been playing. (Great games on if any one is interested.) Doesn't he look so tiny sitting next to the computer/desk! :)

And Lydia has been wearing 'big girl' panties to school this week. She averages about 1 accident a day and they say she is doing really well! :)


Grandmommy said...

Looks like all the young Godsey's learned something new this week but what about Mesa? Love Lydia's dress (not just because I bought it). Way to go, Dylan. Just keep swimming, keep swimming...
Love ya'll.

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

WOW! They are getting so big, and I feel your pain. I never ever tan. I get what I call a "Leah tan" enough to make me feel tan. Then I walk up next to my husband and I realize I'm still Casper. Sigh.

But I love the new layout, the new music, and the fact you copied me :) That's great! Y'all have a good week while we're on the beach :)

future accomplisher's mommy said...

Yay for the Godsey crew! What about Mommy and Daddy...I'm sure you guys have learned something new this week too. Ok, here's a fun fact if you didn't: cats can't taste sugar! there you go, useless but you learned something. We are so happy to call you friends!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast they are doing things. They are so cute in the pictures. Dylan looks like you with that expression and the sun kissed cheeks. What a bunch of sweeties.


Anonymous said...

Everyone has their own accomplishment, how wonderful! It won't be long before they will be teaching Mommy & Daddy (if they are not already). Keep up the good blog.


The Stewarts said...

It just hit me, if I have a girl then I am totally going to be set for hand-me-downs. potty trained by 2!!! That is great! way to go mom and dad. Oh, yeah and lets not forget Lydia.

Eva Nichole said...

Sounds like everyone is doing some awsome things!!
Keep up the great work!!
Crystal and Eva