Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wanna know what I love?

I love the fact that my husband tries to act like he has no interest in my blogging, refuses to join in any ongoing conversation that revolves around the subject of blogging, and shows no emotion when I tell him about my blog or something I've read on one of my favorites; yet when he goes to work he makes it a point to check in on the blog (when I'm not around). How do I know? Well, he'll definitely mention this post to me tomorrow night when he gets home from work! :)
(Love you, sweetheart!)
Anyhow, I can't complain too much. While he doesn't always entertain my conversations about the blogging community, he will usually entertain the girls regardless of how 'girly' their demands may be. Case in point:

"Alright, Lydia...I'll hold him down--you dress him up!"

"Daddy, you look so pretty!"

To my wonderful husband...Please don't get too mad about me posting these pictures! Love you! :)


Grandmommy said...

I think David could really make a fashion statement next Sunday. I'm sure Nanny would wear her hat so he wouldn't feel out of place. The maroon shirt he has would blend nicely.

The Stewarts said...

Really love the last picture!! Dad is such a good sport.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of David. It takes a real man to sit and let little girls do whatever they want to him.


Plus these pictures will look great at the girls' weddings :-)

Kaylie and Elon's mommy said...

Love it! It's amazing what Daddys do for their little girls! I'm surprised to see the boys not partaking in the dressing daddy up. I'm sure there would have been a lot more makeup, hairstyling, girlyness, etc if they had been involved. Of course he reads your blog, he just can't openly admit that he needs to join GA (Godsey Anonymous) too!

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

Laughing so hard b/c Christopher is always trying to GET me to put something I don't want to post on the blog!! How's that for opposite. It's all, "Ooooh! Oh! Oh! Put this on the blog, you could say, this with that picture. Oh, this would be so funny. Try this. DO this."

I'm all, "Stop telling me what to write on my blog!" :)

Great pictures, by the way!


Eva Nichole said...

LOL!! That is adorable and my husband would not be smiling if he saw me with the camera...LOL!
Crystal and Eva