Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome Home

Friday, as I pulled into the drive from work I was greeted by this:

How neat is that? And the best part: it was an asking price offer! So, we still have a few hurdles to get across before the deal goes through--namely, the appraisal. (Tough market means tough appraisals.) But anyhow, that wraps up the {brief} chapter of the house being for sale. And, perhaps due to my job, I am a very statistically driven person. Here are a couple of stats that you might find interesting:
  • Our agent, Nikki B, listed our last home (in a subdivision with about 17 other homes for sale at the same time) in July 2004. We got an offer about 3 weeks later and we closed on Sept 24, 2004. (Less than a 2 month relationship with our agent.)
  • This time our same agent, Nikki B, listed our home (terrible market for sellers and 2 other homes in our neighborhood for sale--both listed with lower prices) and sold it in less than 2 weeks. If it is the Lord's will, we will close on Sept 26, 2008. (Less than 1 month relationship with our agent.)

Now, that's good stuff!

Hope everyone has a great week! Be safe, take care, & God bless!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Proud, Unashamed Momma!

As I was the only person in the whole gymnasium snapping pictures during the pledge of allegience, it came to me that perhaps I should be ashamed that I too wasn't standing hand to heart in observance of the pledge. Naaahhh...I was having a proud momma moment seeing my 4-year-old standing beside his daddy in proper observance of the pledge. Ahhh, the melting of my heart feels so good... This was taken at Dylan's taekwondo tournament this past weekend.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woo-Hoo, I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Becky.

The rules are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell six unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag six bloggers by linking.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

Keep in mind that these are supposed to be unspectacular. And boy are they!

1. I use way too many of these:

when I blog. Somehow, they make me feel like people understand me better. (?)

2. Is it just me or are all the best pens in the world the free ones? I have a stockpile of pens that I take from--well, mainly Los Compadres--just because they write so well. And because they're free! <-- See, there goes that "!" again! <--and again! Stop it! Ugh...

3. The only reason I vaccuum is to make the carpet fluff back up. The flatness of the carpet really bothers me. The dirt--not so much.

4. I love lamps! Not the overhead lights--they are too bright. I think a dimly lit room feels more cozy. I have lamps everywhere. Sometimes 3 or 4 in each room. I'm like that movie with the woman who goes all crazy about wire hangers, except about overhead lights. And I don't really go crazy. And I don't spank my kids with lamps. On second thought, I'm really not like that movie at all--it just came to mind while I was typing this. Hmph.

5. I totally zone out when I drive. I don't do well talking on the phone or to anyone else in the car with me when I drive because my mind is off in never-neverland. Sometimes I get where I was going and then realize that I don't remember the route I took to get there. I'm sure this happens to most people. Perhaps that makes it more "unspectacular".

6. This is the first time I have ever been tagged. For anything. Except TV freeze tag when I was little and I couldn't think of any other shows other than Smurfs and Scooby Doo. I'm moving up! Thanks Becky, it was fun! <--and there it is again! <--geez...

I tag: Crystal, Katina, Leslie, Jennifer, Shanda, and Jennifer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just give them to the losers...

Tonight we had our season volleyball tournament for the City of Bartlett league. Our team came in 2nd place, and we got this neat consolation prize:

The winners received the shirts that were spelled correctly--we got this:

But hey, why throw away a perfectly good shirt? Speaking of perfectly good shirts, here is a picture of the shirt we got Dylan from his recent taekwondo tournament:

You wouldn't believe the deal I got on this shirt. Half price since it was spelled incorrectly! (David thinks it is pitiful. I thought it was a good deal. $20 for one that was spelled correctly or $10 for one that was missing a 'r'.)So to wrap it all up, I was on the losing team tonight in the City of Bartlett leauge (pronounced looje--I guess) and Dylan participated in his third taekwondo tounament (pronounced two-na-ment) this weekend! Won't we all look so great in our matching misspelled t-shirts!

That's Miss Lydia to you!

Between Lydia and her middle brother, I typically have my hands pretty full. You might remember a couple of months ago my post about her love for purses. Well, tonight, my grandmother came over to watch the kids while I played volleyball and as I was getting ready to leave I caught her red-handed doing this with my grandmother's purse:

And doing this with the lipstick that she found inside:

Boy are we in trouble...she's so prissy and I'm so, well, not. How will I cope??? :)

I love you sweet girl! Stay young and sweet for me, will ya??? ~Mommy

Friday, August 22, 2008

Because it made me laugh.

Now this is random. Very. Random. Tonight as I was roaming about in blogger never-never land, I stumbled upon this video clip. Hilarious! I have watched this video so many times in the past few minutes that I feel like I know Harold myself. Poor Harold. Hope you enjoy the laugh! :)

Have a safe, fun-filled weekend!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Huh? What? Another rambling post...

Tonight was going to be my first EVER time to see Bryan play soccer. Anyone who lives in Memphis probably can guess what the outcome was. Anyhow, to make my pictures worth showing, I'll subject you to my nail-biting story. :)

As we got to the soccer fields, Bryan and Dylan got out of the car, and the three of us headed towards Bryan's soccer field. I met his coach, introduced myself, got Bryan on the field & into the practice mode, found Dylan a couple of buddies that he could play with and I settled into a great spot on the sidelines, enjoying the fresh August air and cool breeze, when all of a sudden the bottom fell out. We were all drenched and, like a herd of wild elephants running from a tiny mouse, all the parents, kids, and coaches trampled past one another to get to their cars. In less than 15 minutes, soccer practice was over. Bryan was NOT happy.
But seeing as my parents had the girls, and Dylan is two very short days away from a taekwondo competition, I decided to hit the other side of Bartlett in order to get Dylan to a taekwondo practice that he would have otherwise missed. Bryan=still not happy. Dylan=happy!

***This next part has absolutely nothing to do with the story, which by-the-way is over. It ended about as abruptly as the soccer practice. :)

Tonight, I got these cute, cute pictures of the girls in (Lydia's) bed together--just giggling away. (I can't imagine the bond that they will have being sisters so close in age. I am eager to watch them develop and grow together over the years!)

Starting to look a little more alike...

***On a side note: Due to all of the practices, we missed a very special birthday party tonight. Bryan's buddy Sam celebrated his 4th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Sam!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh, what a Blessing!

Ladies, gentlemen, fellow blogger-anian-ites! Let me just say this: Oh, what a blessing was my drive to work today. I don't often use this blog to advertise or promote this-n-thats, but I can hardly keep this joy to myself. This morning K-LOVE's morning show hosted Bart Millard from the Christian pop band "Mercy Me". He was talking about his new album Hymned Again which has just been released in stores today. And lucky, lucky me--I was listening this morning and they played several songs from the album on the radio and oh! the joy in my soul. As you can probably deduct from the title, all of the songs are old hymns that have been redone, however, they have not lost their 'classic' sound. Many reminded me of my great-grandmother and some reminded me of being in church as a little girl with my parents. So on Friday, when I get paid believe you, me: My first purchase with my hard earned money will be this album!

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Been a While

Since it has been a little while since I have had a good Bryanism for the blog, I thought I'd give you a couple to get you gigglin'. So here they are in no particular order:

Bryanism #1

  • Mommy: Dylan, since 'O' is not in your class this year, is there another girl that you like?

  • Bryan: No, no Mommy. Ask me!

  • Daddy: Okay, Bryan. Do you have a girlfriend?

  • Bryan: Yes, her name is Emma and she is big.

  • Daddy and Mommy (not sure what to say): Big?

  • Bryan: Uh-huh. She's big like me and she's 4.

  • Daddy: Ooooh. Well, what color hair does she have?

  • Bryan: It's just plain.

Hmmmm, maybe he could write a book. He could call it Emma, Plain and Big. No. Sounds too much like a book that's already been published...

Bryanism #2

rudin' (roo ding) v To break in on talk or action. Used in exact context (as Bryan is telling a story and Daddy interrupts him): "Daddy I'm trying to talk and you're always rudin' me!"

And since I really have no pictures that go with this blog entry, I'll leave you with a random photo. As I have mentioned before, we have put our house on the market and I promised to update the blog as we hear anything regarding that situation as well. So, here is a picture of what we found in our mailbox today when we returned home from work:

So, that is our first offer--I guess. What do you say?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taking things one step at a time

Elysa started pulling up on things today. Wow! Not sure if this is a one time thing or if she is telling us that she is ready to start trying out the walking thing, either way we were pretty impressed. And wouldn't you know that that I'd have pictures of this too? :)

Ready or not, here she comes!

A blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do

Congratulations! For being a faithful visitor of Tales from the GodseySix you are entitled to view this never-before-seen picture of the behind the scenes effort/editing/chaos that goes into each and every blog entry. As always, thank you for your continued support of our blog! We are so thankful for each and every visitor. Have a great week!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Movie Night

After working 12 days straight, I at last have a day off. Tonight we did much of nothing, really--just enjoyed spending some time together. We rented a movie, popped popcorn and stayed up really late (except Elysa who just can't hang with the rest of us quite yet. She crashed before the movie started.) These are a few pictures of our night:

Already getting into the movie...I loved the fact that they climbed into the chair together and neither one pitched a fit! They really do love one another. :)
Getting comfortable...Last picture before 'lights out'. (Plus no one was really paying me any attention. They were all about the movie.)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bryan takes the field...

Today Bryan had his first soccer practice. I was unable to be there as I was at taekwondo with Dylan and the girls. However, my wonderful (and photo-trained) husband took several pictures and from what they tell me, Bryan had a really fun time and did fairly well! I can't wait to see him playing.

I can't wait to see him playing myself! So cute! :)

"Mommy, I have marker on my foot"

That is what Lydia said to me today when I picked her up from school. So when we got to the car, I pulled off her sandals and this is what I saw.

Was I wrong to commend her for making such a big girl sentence? I couldn't hardly get on to her about her self-approved pedicure because I was so surprised that she formed a complete, coherent sentence.

Great job, sweetheart! On the sentence, of course.

Monday, August 11, 2008


On your birthday, we honor you, Grandpa, with a photo tribute:

For taking time to share those special moments with us:

And for honoring our incessant requests to bury you in the sand on vacation:

Of course for your willingness to let us help with the yardwork:
And for not making us walk...there's nothing like being carried in Grandpa's arms:For allowing me to be your biggest chearleader:
And for teaching me to play ball just like you:
And for letting us sit in your lap, which ranks a close second to being carried: But above all else, thanks for being the best Grandpa ever! Hope your birthday is as special as you are! We love you, Grandpa!
And I love you, dad...

First Day in the First Grade

Back to School is in full swing and today was Dylan's first day back. I did a little better controlling my emotions today than I did on the first day of Kindergarten last year. However, I did get a little teary-eyed when we passed his kindergarten teacher in the hallway this morning and she very excitedly told Dylan to give her hi-five and told him how much he looked like a first grader! I so very badly want Bryan to get Dylan's old kindergarten teacher next year when he starts school. She was simply wonderful!
Anyhow, from what details I was able to pull out of Dylan today, he had a good day, he enjoyed his new after school program, his lunch cashier remembered him from last year, he likes his new teacher, and his favorite part of the day was that he got to take his new backpack to school. I know...I know. Please contain all of your excitement regarding the vivid details of his first day of school. In addition to playing 20 questions about the first day of school, I was instructed tonight at dinner that he knows how to get to his class and that he does NOT need my help getting to his class in the morning. First grade--Huh! I'm missing my little kindergartener! :)

Doesn't he just look SSSOOO handsome! I just love him to pieces!

***Are you ready for this one: I got in trouble this morning @ Dylan's school for not walking on the right side of the hallway. The "hall monitor" AKA "teacher with the least students in her room" in her nicest "firm voice" advised me that everyone must walk in single file line on the right side of the hall. Ahhhh, now I remember why I do NOT miss being in school. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm Coming Out!

Of Hibernation, that is. I apologize for the lack of updates lately. There really is nothing new. I have been working exhausting hours at work. I will continue to work exhausting hours throughout the next week or so at the very least. (So I apologize in advance for the potentially sparse postings in the near future.) Further complicating my ability to update the blog are the house being on the market, back to school fiascos, parent meetings, taekwondo testings, preparing for soccer season, potty training, 4 mobile kids now, Daid working nights, & volleyball. However, if I appear to be stressed don't be misled. I am wholly enjoying this season of my life. And in other news, here is another sight that may be misleading:

This seemingly innocent little grin. She's really the master mind behind the whole "let's-make-mommy-panic-by-hiding-her-keys-5-minutes-before-she-is-supposed-to-be-going-to-pick-up-the-boys" game!

And were you able to spot her hiding place of choice? I'll give you a hint:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's the Little Things in Life...

My head is still spinning. We have had 2 more showings today and 1 second showing scheduled for tomorrow. So far, things have been in a whirlwind around here. Second showing--I'm guessing that means someone is really interested, no? I mean, when they came yesterday the great room was part tan/part white/part green/part wallpapered. But my agent says "there's a rear end for every bucket seat." (?) Strange, I know. Anyhow, I just finished (at 11:30 PM) painting the great room so that it is now all one color. Next, I will be patching up some wallpaper in the dining room. (Thank you Lydia for the wall art you made via tearing random pieces of wallpaper here and there.) :) Moving on, tonight I had to take the kids out for a drive while the house was shown (conveniently right at dinnertime, but who's complaining.) We decided to do Sonic for dinner and I actually really enjoyed it! I had all the kids and we were all in the truck...just sitting there...eating our Wacky Paks...taking about our day. Dylan wasn't hitting Bryan. Bryan wasn't stealing Lydia's food. Lydia ate her food on her own which allowed me to do the same & Elysa slept. No distractions, no TV, no phone calls, no visitors. Just me, the kids and our Wacky Paks. And I realize, once again, how blessed I really am! I hope you all had a wonderful day. Hopefully tomorrow brings good news regarding the house. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Thoughts in Random Order

Exhale. What a day! I apologize that I can't think coherently enough to post an entry that is easy to follow, so today's post will just highlight a few key points of my day today. Hopefully it won't be too boring. :)

  • Today was day 2 of our home being on the market. We had 3 showings! Not too shabby considering the total disarray that the housing market is in. (And we have 1 scheduled for tomorrow as well.) Hopefully I'll get some feedback from the agent tomorrow.

  • Bryan and Lydia were soooo sweet together tonight. While I was cooking dinner, I captured these pictures of Lydia sitting on the stairs while Bryan was ever-so-sweetly singing each song she requested of him.

  • School starts for me in about 2 more weeks. I am growing increasingly nervous (like losing sleep nervous) as the start of it nears.

  • My neighbor across the street came over today to encourage me about the house being up for sale. He told me that many, many people drove by very slowly today--some even turned around and came back. Maybe the start of school will encourage someone with kids to make an offer soon. (Not holding my breath.)

  • I swatted 5 flies and 1 wasp inside our home today. Ugck! I can see that I am really going to miss not having David around in the evenings to help with some of the day-to-day tasks. :)

  • I can so remember playing "fort" with my brother when I was younger. In addition to finding Bryan serenading Lydia tonight, I was so excited/surprised to find that my kids were doing this together:

  • I'm exhausted. Mentally, physically & emotionally. It has been a day! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Hopefully I'll be back to "normal" tomorrow. I think I just need some rest after today and my mind should be refreshed. :)

  • God is so good! All the time! (Just had to throw that one in there. Knowing my destiny just makes me giddy like that!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

House Seeks New, Smaller Family

As of today, we have officially put our house "on the market". With the housing market in it's current state, we really are asking for a major upset, I know. But if our house could speak--and thank goodness it can't--it might complain that it has stretch marks around it's middle due to the rapid growth of the inhabitants within. It may also say that it needs a facelift, and that it does way more work than it should. Perhaps it might say that it is underappreciated and is worth way more than the current market assesses it's value to be. Or it might even say that now, since it is ten years older, people can just drive by without even turning a head to notice it's beauty. Hmmm...I'm starting to think the house may be female! I'm also starting to think that our house and I have quite a bit in common! :)

Oh, yeah...did I mention that the house might complain that there are not enough pictures taken of it (her). Just one more thing that I and the house have in common...

***Thank you Shanda for taking this oh-so-flattering picture of me. If it wasn't for this gem, I would not have had even one single picture of myself for the purposes of this post. You're great! ;)