Friday, August 22, 2008

Because it made me laugh.

Now this is random. Very. Random. Tonight as I was roaming about in blogger never-never land, I stumbled upon this video clip. Hilarious! I have watched this video so many times in the past few minutes that I feel like I know Harold myself. Poor Harold. Hope you enjoy the laugh! :)

Have a safe, fun-filled weekend!!!


fellow laughing at other's mishaps said...

Only you would find something like that funny! Sorry, I am not with you on that one.... Poor poor Harold!

Eva Nichole said...

LOL!! That was great, now thats how you sell something.
Crystal and Eva

Christie said...

Um. Lindsay. I think we have a strange telepathic blog connection. I AM NOT KIDDING, Matt heard a podcast last week and they were talking about QVC bloopers. So of course on Saturday we spent an hour huddled around the computer laughing at, I mean feeling bad for, the people in the clips. We saw this one and watched it over and over.

Did you see the one where the guy went up the ladder to clean the window, and fell backward. Totally not funny and we totally did not watch it eleven times with absolutely no laughing til we peed.

GodseySix said...

Yes! I have seen that one too. I have also thought many a times as I have been reading through your blog how very similar our humor is--which is why when I stumbled across your blog (still not sure how that happened) I bookmarked it. I come almost daily, even if I don't comment. Glad to see you visiting our blog, too! :)