Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Movie Night

After working 12 days straight, I at last have a day off. Tonight we did much of nothing, really--just enjoyed spending some time together. We rented a movie, popped popcorn and stayed up really late (except Elysa who just can't hang with the rest of us quite yet. She crashed before the movie started.) These are a few pictures of our night:

Already getting into the movie...I loved the fact that they climbed into the chair together and neither one pitched a fit! They really do love one another. :)
Getting comfortable...Last picture before 'lights out'. (Plus no one was really paying me any attention. They were all about the movie.)


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so sweet. I am very glad that you had a lovely day off. I am so sorry you had to work so much. You really are one in a million for a mom.


love lazy 'laxin family days said...

Such a great way to relax and enjoy some good family time! Way to go SUPER MOM!

Mom said...

Reminds me of the Friday nights we were lumpy & had surprise plates.