Monday, August 11, 2008


On your birthday, we honor you, Grandpa, with a photo tribute:

For taking time to share those special moments with us:

And for honoring our incessant requests to bury you in the sand on vacation:

Of course for your willingness to let us help with the yardwork:
And for not making us walk...there's nothing like being carried in Grandpa's arms:For allowing me to be your biggest chearleader:
And for teaching me to play ball just like you:
And for letting us sit in your lap, which ranks a close second to being carried: But above all else, thanks for being the best Grandpa ever! Hope your birthday is as special as you are! We love you, Grandpa!
And I love you, dad...


grandmommy said...

Even after 33 years of marriage, I ditto all the above.

Admirer of the sweetness said...

How absolutely fantastic Lindsay! You are just so sweet! I know your dad is awesome with the kids but it's so great to see all the pictures. What a great role model they have to look up to. Happy Birthday Lindsay's dad and the kids' grandpa!!!!