Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm Coming Out!

Of Hibernation, that is. I apologize for the lack of updates lately. There really is nothing new. I have been working exhausting hours at work. I will continue to work exhausting hours throughout the next week or so at the very least. (So I apologize in advance for the potentially sparse postings in the near future.) Further complicating my ability to update the blog are the house being on the market, back to school fiascos, parent meetings, taekwondo testings, preparing for soccer season, potty training, 4 mobile kids now, Daid working nights, & volleyball. However, if I appear to be stressed don't be misled. I am wholly enjoying this season of my life. And in other news, here is another sight that may be misleading:

This seemingly innocent little grin. She's really the master mind behind the whole "let's-make-mommy-panic-by-hiding-her-keys-5-minutes-before-she-is-supposed-to-be-going-to-pick-up-the-boys" game!

And were you able to spot her hiding place of choice? I'll give you a hint:


Anonymous said...

I am proud of Lydia for her brillant way of hiding things. Who would have thought to have looked in the fries? If I ever need to hide something, I am calling her. Plus to quote myself often, she is such a doll in her picture.


grandmommy said...

I think she should apply for a position as the Easter Bunny helper. Great job, Lydia!

love the never a dull moment time said...

SO double whammy- she hides the keys in the fries therefore getting them all greasy so that they will then slip out of your hands when you go to use them! WOW what a smart girl! Never a dull moment in your home!

The Stewarts said...

That's why you should eat out so much!!! :-)