Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's All or Nothing, Mesa.

Mesa has gotten rather large nowadays. But along with her size, she has also gained in the area of intelligence. She now has a crate, or a "house" as we call it. Whenever we get ready to leave, Mesa and Jax "go to their house." Mesa, however, is taking some time getting adjusted to her new "house" and does not go into it willingly. We usually have to play hide and seek with her as she will run to a hiding place as soon as she hears that we are about to leave. Today she hid under our bed:
That's a pretty good hiding place. Definitely an "old faithful" when little kids are playing the game. Unfortunately, she was found relatively quickly when she forgot to invite her rear end into the hiding quarters:

Nice try, Mesa. Better luck next time!


Eva Nichole said...

LOL!!! That cute! Our pets are like little kids sometimes.
Crystal and Eva

Sometimes I don't talk to my bottom end either said...

Hey, her head is under the bed therefore you can't see must have x ray eyes then! Dixie used to do this all the time. It's the whole ostrich putting his head in the sand theory. How intelligent! Maybe next time she should invite her bottom half in (you are too funny).