Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Thoughts in Random Order

Exhale. What a day! I apologize that I can't think coherently enough to post an entry that is easy to follow, so today's post will just highlight a few key points of my day today. Hopefully it won't be too boring. :)

  • Today was day 2 of our home being on the market. We had 3 showings! Not too shabby considering the total disarray that the housing market is in. (And we have 1 scheduled for tomorrow as well.) Hopefully I'll get some feedback from the agent tomorrow.

  • Bryan and Lydia were soooo sweet together tonight. While I was cooking dinner, I captured these pictures of Lydia sitting on the stairs while Bryan was ever-so-sweetly singing each song she requested of him.

  • School starts for me in about 2 more weeks. I am growing increasingly nervous (like losing sleep nervous) as the start of it nears.

  • My neighbor across the street came over today to encourage me about the house being up for sale. He told me that many, many people drove by very slowly today--some even turned around and came back. Maybe the start of school will encourage someone with kids to make an offer soon. (Not holding my breath.)

  • I swatted 5 flies and 1 wasp inside our home today. Ugck! I can see that I am really going to miss not having David around in the evenings to help with some of the day-to-day tasks. :)

  • I can so remember playing "fort" with my brother when I was younger. In addition to finding Bryan serenading Lydia tonight, I was so excited/surprised to find that my kids were doing this together:

  • I'm exhausted. Mentally, physically & emotionally. It has been a day! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Hopefully I'll be back to "normal" tomorrow. I think I just need some rest after today and my mind should be refreshed. :)

  • God is so good! All the time! (Just had to throw that one in there. Knowing my destiny just makes me giddy like that!)


Anonymous said...

Everything will be great, the house, school, bugs needing to be killed. It will all be fine.


Random Random long post said...

My comments in no particular order....
1)Congrats on the number of showings. That's a good start at least.
2)Makes me a little leary that your neighbor watched your house so closely that he knew the comings and goings. Is he a Godsey stalker, does he need GA? :) I'm sure it was innocent.
3)I can't believe how long Lydia's hair has gotten. YAY for her!
4) Your kids are going to have so many great memories of playing together, they are so lucky to have each other.
5) While Bryan may be the wildest one he still has such a sweet side. He's just practicing how he wants to serende Kaylie at the next Quatro or Cinco de Mayo dinner we attend.
6) I'm surprised Table wasn't in the middle of all the fort fun. They could have done without one of the pillows if she had just laid there.
7) Please tell me you take the Kroger garbage bag off the staircase for showings...I would not make an offer just because of that.
8) Bugs Schmugs, Just tell Table they are food and she can start eating them, great nutrition for growing dogs.
9) You are so bright your momma had to put shades on you! School will be easy for you, it's not like you need sleep or anything else to do. You will put forth your best effort and be great at it.
10) I am starting a petition for the MPD asking the MPD not to make you work so hard so that you can go to lunch with a friend every once in a while.
Thanks for your time!