Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That's Miss Lydia to you!

Between Lydia and her middle brother, I typically have my hands pretty full. You might remember a couple of months ago my post about her love for purses. Well, tonight, my grandmother came over to watch the kids while I played volleyball and as I was getting ready to leave I caught her red-handed doing this with my grandmother's purse:

And doing this with the lipstick that she found inside:

Boy are we in trouble...she's so prissy and I'm so, well, not. How will I cope??? :)

I love you sweet girl! Stay young and sweet for me, will ya??? ~Mommy


Anonymous said...

What a doll!!! Though next time, how about a compact mirror in her purse to help with the lipstick. I think it is so funny that you had such an ultra girlly girl who wants to carry a purse. In all my years of knowing you, I don't think I have ever seen you carry one.


Grandmommy said...

Lydia did such a good job & is so proud of herself. I will have to see about getting her a tube of her own. How 'bout chapstick?

What lipstick? said...

Great! How did she know where to put it though? You don't wear any, do you? Kaylie would write all over herself before she put it on her lips since I don't wear it.

Eva Nichole said...

Well at least she is a girl, my oldest son got into my lipstick...LOL! He was about 2 at the time.
Crystal and Eva