Friday, August 1, 2008

We Love K-Love!

Yesterday, David recieved a package in the mail from K-LOVE. When he opened the package he found this:
along with a post card informing him that he had won the new Third Day album after registering in an online drawing for the Grand Prize which was a trip to a Third Day concert in Phoenix, AZ. He did not win that, but we are excited that he won the CD. For one, we don't have to hire a sitter to listen to the CD--much cheaper than going to the concert. :) Although, Third Day does put on a pretty powerful concert. We were able to go the the most amazing concert when I was pregnant with Lydia where we saw Third Day in concert with David Crowder Band. What an awesome duo to be able to see live! So, anyhow--that was our highlight of the week.

Have a great TAX-FREE weekend!!!

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fellow non-winner, definitely not as cool as you said...

Way to win something David! Nice surprise.