Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bryan's Show-stopping Performance

What was supposed to be Bryan's first soccer game quickly turned into his first theatrical performance. Today was Bryan's first soccer game, and to tell you a little about how things went, I enlisted the help of a very dear friend: my Kodak C813.

We begin with--well--the beginning. (What's it called in soccer? The kickoff? Jump ball? I don't know. We'll just call it the beginning.) This is as close as Bryan gets to the actual soccer ball all game.
After the game started he mostly did a lot of running and observation. "Hmmm. that kinda looks like fun."
Dare we not forget to mention the frequent snack breaks when he would just run off the field for a quick Cheerio or two--who ever said Wheaties was the breakfast of Champions?

And some water for all that hard work:

Then it was his turn to be goalie:
Which is when all the real drama began:
I think it was because he was a little lonely being stuck in that goal by himself. He said that it was because he wanted a hug from Grandmommy. Luckily, we brought her along:As always, grandmommy's hug was a lifesaver and he was quickly refreshed and ready to go back in the game. (He must not have noticed that everyone else was at the other end of the field!)But his teammate ran over to get him and they quickly ran back the the other end of the field where the game was actually being played:Before you knew it, the curtain closed--I mean, the game was over. Bryan's team lost, but only by 1 point! The final score: 1-0. It was a real hair-raising game!

And the end marked Bryan's favorite part of the game. After all, it's at the end of the game they get what Bryan referred to as "lunch"! (I could imagine how hungry he must have been having to push "lunch" back until the game ended--at 9:15 AM!)So that, my friends, was the highlight of my Saturday morning! A show as good as any Broadway performance, only the scenes are unscripted and impromptu, the admission is free, and the main character is my son! Man, I love that kid!!! :)


we all used to be broadway performers at one time. said...

Imagine how dramatic it could have been if the other team had tried to score while he was playin goalie. I'm sure he did a great job tryin to play, way to go Bryan!

Grandmommy said...

I'm so glad I was able to come along for support. What they lacked in skills, they made up for in appearance. The Purple Dragons had the best looking uniforms on the field (especially how the shorts came down past the knees). It was a real treat.

The Stewarts said...

Good job little man!! Beckham's kids watch out!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey Lindsey!
What cute kids!!! You SOOO have your hands full! :-)
I have a little girl; she's 3. Here is a link to 'her' blog: