Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homework! Take 2:

Tonight, after Dylan's hour of homework, Bryan sat down at the table to tackle his assignments. Yes, I said Bryan and assignments in the same sentence. :) We absolutely LOVE his preschool teacher, though. She had Dylan completely prepared for kindergarten and now she has Bryan in her class. She's wonderful! So, anyhow, here are some pics of Bryan, hard at work.

"B" is for my beloved Bryan.

He always does his best work with his tongue hanging out. :)

If that is really the case, this has gotta be the best "B" so far! :)


Grandmommy said...

When I posted yesterday, I didn't expect to see another Godsey doing homework so soon. They're growing up too quick. Hang in there, Bryan!

Brady Blog said...

I love lil kids at work..his face says it all. Great pictures. Thanks for your comments about our sweet Caroline! Hope all is well.

future homework checker said...

What a sweetheart! Good luck Bryan. Thank goodness he has a great teacher.