Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Survived Sleepover 2008!

So, for Dylan's birthday this year we decided to allow him to invite 5 friends over for a sleepover in order to save money on the cost of the party itself. It didn't work. I just checked with my insurance company and they will not cover 'elective' psychiatric care; so in other words, the money that I saved on the party will now be going towards medical bills in order to prevent the nervous breakdown that is imminent following a night like last night.

Okay, allright, so I admit, I really did have a good time and it wasn't that bad at all. And here to give you a first hand account of the night in pictures is, once again, my Kodak C813:

3 minutes into the party: Air Hockey!
Next up (after dinner): Twister!

And a (VERY) quick waterballoon toss:

Then we Sang "Happy Birthday to You, Cha-Cha-Cha"

And we opened presents:

And then the boys humored me. They really were good sports for the camera!

And what sleepover is complete without an old-school pillow fight:

And then for the secret game that even Dylan did not know about. A game that required roughly 2 hours of preparation, but was over in about 6 minutes. We had 2 teams, each were distinguished by their glow stick color. We had a blue team:

And a green team:

But no one really cared and the late-night water balloon fight was on!

After I got everyone in and changed into some clean, dry P.J.s, they all settled into their sleeping bags for a movie and popcorn.

And would you believe that they were ALL sound asleep by

Oh, yes! I SO did take a picture of the clock, too. What? You think I would miss taking a picture of the best part of the night!? :)

So that was sleepover 2008 in a nutshell. Dylan had a great time, his friends had a great time (I hope), and I actually enjoyed it a bit myself. :) Several times last night I found myself thinking, "Wow! my son is old enough to have his school friends over for the night" and my insides would just fill with excitement and pride. I am just so proud of him (and his friends) and I praise God that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of his life, and even more so, blessed, to be called his mom!


I want to be invited to the next sleepover, as one of the kids, not adult said...

How FUN! It looks like it turned out GREAT! I am so proud of you for taking that on, by yourself nonetheless. Thank goodness you are going to school to obtain some kind of counseling degree, maybe that will help out with all the psychiatric bills. HAHA

Grandmommy said...

This brings back some of the memories of sleepovers when you & Thomas were that age. I'm sure Dylan will remember this for a long time. Just think 4 birthday party sleepovers a year (one for each child), average of 7 party attendees, approx. 15 hours a party = 1 big psychiatric bill & all the love & hugs you can stand. It's worth it all.

Eva Nichole said...

Alex was the same age when he had his 1st big sleep over. Looks like you kept them busy.
Crystal and Eva