Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Belated Birthday Post

Although I posted about his birthday party, I never had a chance to post an actual birthday post for Dylan who turned 6 this past Monday. We had a little 'family fun night' in order to celebrate his big day...nothing big--well, not compared to that sleepover we threw a few weeks prior. Anyhow, we shared an ice cream cake, he opened a few gifts from mommy and daddy, and we played a family game of Flippin' Frogs.
And what would a birthday post be without those fun comparison photos?

Dylan's 4th Birthday:

Dylan's 5th Birthday:

Dylan's 6th Birthday:

Happy Birthday, sweet boy. Mommy loves, loves, loves YOU!!!


Grandmommy said...

Dylan, you are growing up so quick, as the previous years pictures show. Stay as sweet as that birthday cake. Love you.

still can't believe it said...

Happy Birthday Dylan!